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Where in the Rainbow is My Soul?

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Just like in all of grandma’s tales this story also starts long time back. Spring was in the air and I was not realizing that as I was indulging in my weekend-hangover-morning-slumber. I was woken up from my indulgence by the sharp ringing of the phone. I hated these ringtones and in those days no decent phone came with the regular beep tone. One of my friends was on the other end as I managed to blurt out a ‘hello’ in the liveliest manner possible. She asked me, “What is the colour of soul?” It was not words that I was conjuring up, but a pattern of colours danced across my eyes, there were bright yellows adjacent to shiny green and orange. There were shades of blue and violets and reds.

“What is the colour of the soul?” she repeated, just to ensure that I heard it correctly and that is when I actually woke up into the subtle realities of this world. I had to think quickly here. I needed to find a colour for the soul! I thought black. But black was too dark for a colour for the soul and if it is not black it should be white. But white represented purity and that would be exaggerating the virtues of the soul. I didn’t know what to answer as I gathered my wits and asked her what gives? This was me. I had to have an answer to all the questions put across to me. No matter how stupid the question is, I would try to get a stupid answer to it with an equally stupid logic, in effect, pushing my stupidity quotient a notch higher.

She said she was painting a picture where the soul needed to have a colour. Thoughts flashed through my head at a pace faster than lightning, trying to figure out the logic for each colour that I thought of to be the colour for soul, blue, green, red, yellow, black, blue again, white, black again, but none of my choices had a logic attached to it. Pretty much like the question that was put across to me and pretty much like the urge in me to answer any question. And pretty much like the soul itself. Logicless!

The soul is your body, your thought, everything that maketh you You! Without ‘you’ only the ideas and thoughts remain. – Tortoise

The Great Masquerade!

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The voice tried to reassure me! The voice was calm and soft and said, "Shalom!"
“What?” I asked.

I looked up into the sun burning like there was no tomorrow! All it did was burn, burn and burn. It seemed that it was frustrated at something and an imperceptible pain seemed to fuel its anger. I stared at the sun. The voice was still ringing in the deep realms of my thoughts. Shalom! The word was echoing! Shalom! Reassuring, the voice was crystal! And I looked at the sun burning!

The blinding flame hurt, like a thousand needles pricking the eyes. The eyes watered immediately and I thought my eyes were bleeding. Yet my eyes didn’t flinch a bit. The pain started to ease, but the eyes kept watering and soon the world around me started to fade into an obscure darkness. And the world within, faintly, began becoming visible!

And in the painful and brilliant display of light I saw the truth. A truth so profound and horrifying, that it had to be shielded from the prying eyes of the inquisitive. And the sun burned, and burned itself, as though it knew what the truth was, as though trying to keep a secret of a million thousand years by burning itself out. Until one day when it runs out of its energy and getting tired it burns itself out! Leaving nothing but charred remains of an life that contended itself in keeping the truth out of reach cause it knew the truth and the deceptive world that we embraced.

I blinked. I couldn’t take it any longer. I didn’t know how long I stared at the sun. But I knew it was long enough to understand the truth. And I looked around and I saw people. People were everywhere I looked. And the numbers just kept swelling up. Oblivious to the fact! And I though! What would happen when they know the truth?

”Shalom!” I replied to the voice! “Shalom”, I lied. The devil knew that I knew the truth and since then I never heard her soft reassuring voice. I looked at the people with my burning eyes and wondered, “When shall I tell the truth?”

“Shalom!” I laughed!


Unfinished Piece

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1001 It was well into spring and the sun shone in its splendorous best. I filled my chest with a breath of the cold morning air, looked towards the sun and closed my eyes; presenting a brilliant crimson screen displaying psychedelic patterns to the rhythm of the violins and a piano that played in my ears.

I sat there on my knees, holding my breath for a moment, letting the air cleanse my soul that sought absolution. I thought about life. I didn’t think about death, after all it was inevitable. 

1003 I looked at life everywhere. And life looked the same everywhere. There was pain and anguish everywhere. Always! Everyone bent their back carrying burden on them, men, women, children, trying to find the way, trying to find their destination. Everyone traveled the same path, in their babelesque journey, only worried about the burden on their back.

Life is a strange being. It lets you see the magnificent vistas, it lets you see joy and happiness, it lets you see the amazing thing that this world is, yet it ensures you are blind.

To be completed at some point in time..


Why the Blackmail Mr.Pranab Mukherjee?

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Now that the Left has announced that it would formally withdraw support to the UPA Government, the Congress (I) has come out strongly against the Left by issuing statements throughout the afternoon as well as putting up a brave face as the stubborn and embarrassed Prime Minister was in Japan attending the G8 meeting, with probably an hidden agenda to negotiate the deal further with Mr.George Bush.

A statement made by the External Affairs Minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee, has ridiculed the common sense of the people of the country, by responding to a charge by the Left that the government was hiding key facts from the people of the country. According to reports from prominent media groups, Mr. Mukherjee said that that the full text of the India Specific Safeguards agreement could not be shared as it was a "Privileged" and "Confidential" document between the Indian Government and the IAEA. He added that the document could be shared with third parties only after going through procedures laid down by the IAEA. He also mentioned that those who want access to the details of the document would have to join the government.

There were three remarks in the minister's statement that insulted the intellect of the Indian janata.

1) That the text of the India Specific Safeguards documents is privileged and confidential: I agree that the document is confidential, but does that mean that it is confidential to the people of the country and the parliament, especially when the government has been very secretive about the document and the deal that could potentially affect the people? I would like to know what is so secretive in the deal that it cannot even be uttered and what will happen if the world comes to know about it. If it is National Interest, then the obstinate prime minister should come out with the truth in the interest of the nation.

2) That the document can be shared after going through IAEA dictated procedures: Since when have we become subservient to the IAEA and the United States? What made Manmohan Singh to shamelessly agree to the dikats of the IAEA with regards to sharing the details with the people and parliament of his country? The Prime Minister and his External Affairs Minister should have ensured that any agreement is beneficial to the country and in our own terms than to be submissive.

3. That those who want to have the access to the text need to join the government: Mr.Mukherjee that is pure black mail and unlawful in this country of ours! But who cares right? When the government of the largest "democracy" does not care about the parliamentary form of governance with a Prime Minister who has scant regard to democracy (that he goes after the loopholes in the constitution to become the Prime Minister), become blind and act like a dictator, then black mailing the janataa is no big deal I guess. Mr. Nukherjee, I do not want join the government, but I want to know why the government is hiding the details of the agreement.

So when the minister and the prime minister act in a dictatorial way what can we expect from the government?

Lord save this country!

You can read the news report here


Wimbledon 2008 - Federer Vs Nadal: An Epic final

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If the 2007 Finals of the Wimbledon was considered as one of the best finals, this one was a magnum-opus of all grand-slam finals. You definitely could not have asked for more. All the elements were there, screaming fans, rain interruptions, over-ruling by the chair umpire, challenges by the players, and even fading light threatening too push the game to a Monday. And at the center of all this, Federer and Nadal, fighting it out in what could be dubbed as the best Grand Slam Finals ever (or atleast the best since I started following the game in 1985).

As the darkness swooped in on the center court, Nadal slumped on to the court on his back as Federer found the net on a short forehand, to become the new champion at Wimbledon. Nadal's win broke Federer's record of not having lost a match on grass courts since 2002 and also made him the become the first player to win both the French Open and the Wimbledon in the same year, ever since Borg who did the same 28 years ago.

Both Federer and Nadal, like in many of their previous clashes, tried to demolish each other without showing any disrespect to their opponent. But soon, as the match progressed, the spectators knew that a battle of epic proportions were in the making. Nobody moved from their seats, both in the grandstands of the Center Court or at the adjoining Picnic hill, where hundreds had thronged in to see the game on the big screen put up there, braving the two rain breaks and almost total darkness that seemed to hover above the lawns and I guess the scene was same in millions of homes where people were glued to their television sets. The drama twisted and turned as it meandered, thorough, each point, game and set before this unadulterated sea-saw battle ended in the final quarter of the fifth hour, a few minutes before the sun bid good night to city.

Nadal's seemed to have been running away to a straight sets win as he won the first two sets, before Federer produced some of his magical skills to stay in the match. Nadal matched Federer point for point, slice for slice, shot for shot and both of them were stretched on the baseline, with Federer making most of the moves to the net. Both of then held serves towards the end of the third set as they pushed it to a tie-breaker, which Federer won without much of a sweat. At this point Federer seemed to be gaining some of the lost confidence which Nadal had shattered at Roland Garros. But Federer showed why he is the champion of the game as he clawed back into the match with some sparkling passes and some excellent net plays. Without giving a quarter, both the players pushed the fourth set too in to a tie-break. A couple of unforced errors from Federer saw Nadal racing ahead to 5-2 on service, just two points away from the golden trophy. Nadal double faulted first and then found the net for the second point, to give Federer space to get back. And a champion does not lose chances gifted. Federer produced two stunning serves to take the lead by a point. Both of them did not give any quarter as the tie breaker stretched the fourth set further with rain clouds hovering above as though waiting for one of them to give up. Both of them pushed each other to the edges of the court, danced and stumbled through the center of the court, before Federer closed the set at 10-8, in the process splitting the match right through the middle.

Even the rain clouds seemed to have forgot to precipitate as the drama proceeded towards into the fifth set and towards the fifth hour.  Both of them making each other earn each and every point. And when the score board showed 4 hours and 56 minutes, with everyone on the edge of their seats, the clouds gave in for the second time in the match, with the scores tied 06wimby_7 at 2 Sets each, 2 Games each and 40-40 in the fifth game of the fifth set with Federer serving. Such was the state of the match, almost throughout and when the match resumed after the rains, nothing seemed to have changed. Both the players seemed have some secret reserve energy in them, which they seemed to switched on. The fifth set went on without a break. 12 games into the fifth, the ref reset the number of challenges to 3 each for the next twelve games. But these two were on a different league all together to be bothered by the number of challenges left. And as the game entered the final quarter of the fifth hour, Federer snapped in the 15th game as Nadal, broke his service. With hardly much light left, Nadal stepped into serve for the championship. And soon he had two championship points. Nerves were high, not just for the players, but for the spectators, the referee, the lines men and women, the ball boys and girls. Nobody could afford to make a mistake now. Such was the heights of the match. A down the line passing shot by Federer saves one match point. Federer had not been through these situations much in his career, but had enough in this one match alone. Federer was unable to control one of the returns from Nadal, hit the short forehand into the net, as Nadal, slumped into the court amid flashing light bulbs from the cameras announcing the end to the battle which starter around three in the afternoon Local time.

slide-15 slide-16

The mutual admiration the both have for each other is what makes the contest more interesting and the crowds riveted to this form of pure and unadulterated game. A look at the match stats would show how Federer gave the match away, one in which he seemed to be the shadow of himself at finals at Roland Garros this year. Federer made 52 unforced errors as compared to 27 by Nadal and he could break Nadal's service only once, that too early in the second set. However, nothing to be taken away from Nadal, who stretched in each point to negate what would have otherwise been pure winners from Federer.

For Nadal, it was a dream come true, with four previous Grand Slam titles in the form of French open, this was the one he always wanted to win as Federer announced amidst applause from the crowd that he would be back next year as he acknowledged that he was beaten on the best court by the toughest opponent. Nadal, walked in to gather the trophy in the darkness of Wimbledon, amid the bright light of hundreds of camera flashes, which now he possess after three attempts. Finally all his, as he said that Federer was still the champion and number one and that he had won it five times, but for himself it was his first and it was special.


Perus Narpk - Bach's 'Hilarious' Last Symphony?

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30-map How gullible is our media? How much do we trust them when they say, "reliable-sources" "not wanting to be named or identified" etc. How much of the news on our mainstream media is true and what percentage is not "sexed-up"? Tough one?

My conjecture is that except for the weather and the scores in the various sports news, everything is sexed-up for editorial compliance. This is the age where rumors are considered as authentic news and then there would be detailed analysis of these rumors as to how it is going to affect everyone (in reality, no one).

An hilarious prank, pulled out by a Goan blogger-group by the name of Pen Pricks, shamed many of India's media biggies and exposed them.

Many of the media houses in Goa and Karnataka received an e-mail from the Hamman Smit, the press officer for Perus Narpk, on Shede Road in Berlin, the Intelligence Wing of the German Chancellor's Core (Whatever that was supposed to mean) claiming to have captured a Nazi war criminal for allegedly having killed thousands in a concentration camp called Marsha Tikash Whanaab. The e-mail, it is claimed, contained a detailed press release where it described how the octogenarian, revealed his identity to an Israeli couple at rave party in Goa following which he was nabbed near the border of Goa and Karnataka.

However, the adrenalin leaking faux-media of our country failed to read between the lines of this hoax and exposed their immaturity in the business they are in and at the same time revealed the tenacity and zeal with which they publish vague news articles as authenticated by "unidentified sources" who "do not wish to be named" (most likely the illusions of the writer who might be on a high).

You name it, Times of India, Indian Express, The Telegraph, Deccan Herald, Rediff.com et al, jumped in to damn the 18th century German musician as a Nazi criminal, in hilariously detailed news reports some of which reported in detail as to how Bach traveled around the globe before he "reached India", "got apprehended", and got "airlifted to Berlin". Some of these media, even damned the Indian police and authorities for not having any clue of the covert German operation, that in reality never took place.

Apparently, Perus Narpk is a anagram for Super Prank and the concentration camp of Marsha Tikash Whanaab did not exist (not even on the internet) uptill yesterday when the hoax was revealed by Pen Pricks. There were many clues that these so called journalists and editors did not catch when the author of the e-mail told he was "hamming" and that his office was on a "shady road" in Berlin and that his office had a name which was an anagram for Super Prank. 

The hilarious "story" is still available on the website of The Telegraph, which even has a map showing the travel path adopted by Bach, Indian Express and Deccan Herald. According to the map on telegraph, Bach having traveled to Yemen is "unconfirmed", which means, they were able to confirm the rest? The story on DNA is even more funny, where they added a new twist to it. They claimed that Bach an "alleged accomplice of Adolph Hitler" was "nabbed" by Indian authorities along with the GCC (German Chancellor's Core) and that Bach gave them a slip "while being transported in a taxi and entered the Khanapur forest in Belgaum district on the Goa-Karnataka border" where he was caught again.

Poor old Bach, must be turning in his grave. O' God! Where art thou? (wiping tears after a good laugh)

Pen Pricks' is a group of journalists from Goa who manage a blog by the same name, the purpose of which, according to the blog, is to "Discover the rotund flanks and the shaggy underbelly of the Goan media. And of course, the rare honest rib."


The Letter - Part - II

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This is a the final part of the open letter to the Prime Minister, asking him to refrain from going ahead with the nuclear agenda currently being considered by this government. Read the first part here.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

A story on Democracy

A promise is promise, not the kind your kind makes during elections, but a promise I made to you last night about writing once again to you. But how would you know the promises made by your colleagues, you never have been to the people asking for votes. You have always entered the corridors through the backdoor! Talk about being the largest democracy in the world. One suggestion that I would like to give you Mr. Prime Minister, never ever utter the word 'democracy' in front of others. People would laugh in your face. You have a ignominious 100% record of being rejected by the people when you stood, for the only time, for the South Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. I feel like shouting loud into the vast void, "India, the worlds largest democracy! Ruled by a person who did not stand for an election.!"

So the news channels were saying that all the parties involved in this current situation are standing their ground and they would be the Left Front and yourselves! Can't you see Mr. Prime Minister, at this juncture it is only you who is favoring this deal (I am not counting on the entrepreneurs who would benefit from US contracts through the backdoor of this deal, if it goes through). According to the news channels, it is you who has to take the decision and you have not backed off. Have you taken this as a 'prestige issue'? Mr. Prime Minister, who has given you the right to decide for this country of mine? Don't tell me that you represent the people of my country. No, you do not represent the people of my country, infact, morally, you should not even have had accepted the position of the Prime Minister when you very well knew that you are not going to stand in an election.

On my way to work, today morning, I saw this old man with a, once-upon-a-time-white, turban, dhoti, and a tunic like dress sitting next to the bus-stop, asking for alms. I wondered, does he vote? And if he did would he vote for your government? Well I don't know if he would vote at all and if he wanted, he would need to have his name on the ubiquitous 'voter's list', and to be on that list, he would need to have a home, and if he had a home, he would be begging on the streets! When I saw this person, I understood what you meant by "Aam Aadmi"! Someone who does not even have the power to vote and I am sure there are millions of these in this country! Everywhere, In metros, cities, towns, villages, buses, trains, bus-stands, railway stations, roads, everywhere! Now, are they the citizens of this country? No, because as per the official records, these people do not exists and if they do, where? You wouldn't be able to say that because they do not have an address! Now, this aam aadmi only needs food, shelter and medical care for his family and himself. He does not care much about where the sensex is heading or about the sops your finance minister gives to industrialists while he squeezes the tax payers. And for that matter he doesn't care a damn about the nuclear energy you are proposing!

How Much Money is Rs.200,000 Crores?

You are an economist, right Mr.Prime Minister? So what does economics mean to you? I will tell you what it means to me. For me it is a tool for the proper entitlement of the lowest common denominator of our country to the highest and not for one particular class, which is your definition of the economy! Now to talk about the economic reforms that you initiated almost two decades back, what has it achieved? Yes the coffers of the country has been full and overflowing since, but who benefited from these huge amount of foreign exchange? I wouldn't be surprised that if you mentioned about a particular class of people. Now what is peculiar about the particular class of people I am talking about in the last two paragraphs? They have money?

Being an economist, I understand that you would know what the term, "Cost-Benefit-Analysis" means. A tenth standard student would be able to tell you what it means. But the way you have been preaching the benefits about this deal, throwing in jargons like, National Energy Security et al, makes me wonder as to what you make up of the citizens of this nation. A couple of weeks back, you went on national TV to explain to us as to why your team had to jack up the prices of petroleum products. Mr.Prime Minister, I was appalled to see that quirky speech of yours in which you hoodwinked the people of this country by using certain terms so that it would sound something different than what it actually is supposed to mean. Yes Mr.Prime Minister, I am talking about the term "Under Recoveries", which you so eloquently used to mask the reason for the rise in petroleum products. There was an article in the recent edition of
Frontline which threw open this hoodwinking tactics employed by you. As you may know, the oil marketing companies are making dirty profits even now, as per their financial statements. So as per the article, were you really Fudging Facts?

Inspite of so much of opposition to this nuclear deal with the Uncle Sam, I do not understand that why you are hell bent on getting this on, inspite of the knowledge that economically, this deal is not going to do India any good for its National Energy Security?  The current installed nuclear capacity accounts for only 3.2% (4120 MWe) of India's energy generation and even if it is increased by 100% by 2016 (per your proposed deal), it would amount to a little over 6% of India's energy generation, considering that other other factors are the same. By the end of the Twelfth Plan (2012-2017), it is envisaged that the total generation is expected to be 275,000 MWe of which the nuclear component would be 13,880 MWe, accounting to 5% of the total generation. The target for Department of Atomic Energy is 20,000 MWe by the year 2020 which does not look possible unless India imports, provided the Nuclear Suppliers Group relaxes its export guidelines, if the current deal goes through. Mr.Prime Minister, you have once said that we should be targeting 40,000 MWe of nuclear energy by 2025. But where would we get this unless we import reactors form the US (Why US?) and provided the NSG relaxes its rules. Going by estimates, we will be able to generate 10,000 MWe of nuclear energy using indigenous reactors while rest of the 30,000 MWe needs to be imported. The estimated cost for every MW of nuclear energy that we import is about Rs.11,00,00,000 (11, Crores/1 crore = 100,00,000) and by this estimate for 30,000 MWe it would cost us Rs.33,00,00,00,00,000 (3,30,000 Crores). On the other hand, if we generate the same energy through Thermal power, it would cost us Rs.4,00,00,000 (4 Crores) and Rs.3,00,00,000 (3 Crores) by going the Hydro-Electric way. So the difference in cost is about Rs.2,00,000 crores. The Planning Commission (of which you are the chairman) has estimated that India has the potential for generating 150,000 MWe  using the Hydro-electric power. R.Ramachandran had analyzed this clearly in "
Getting Critical". I am sure you must have read this.

So Mr.Prime Minister, why is there a huge gap in the estimates given by the planning commission, your claims of National Energy Security and the targets mentioned in the twelfth plan?

Do you understand how much money is 200,000 crores? 99.99999999-% of Indians wouldn't know, because you wouldn't tell them what it means. This is the kind of money that is required for social welfare, the kind of money that would ensure that no Indian goes hungry, to ensure that every Indian gets medical care, and to ensure that all children get quality education.

What is the truth?

So why are you hell bent on going ahead with this deal when the facts and figures do not match up to your claims? What is in it for you? What is the truth behind adding an additional 20,000 MWe into the existing target of 20,000 MWE target by 2020 in the Mid-Term Appraisal of the Tenth Plan, just months before you went to meet Uncle Sam? Or did the planning commission had prior knowledge of what was to happen at Uncle Sams, considering the fact that the planning commission in its appraisal has specifically mentioned that the nuclear fuel for this needs to be gotten from 'competitive terms'!

And all this when you know that the people have not yet chosen you as the one!

As an end note, I urge you Mr. Prime Minister, that atleast from now, you be worthy of the post you are holding and start working towards social development causes than just being a mere prophet of a particular class. I know you are a good man, every one is, its only ones deeds that differentiates people.

I am getting the tea ready, if you would like the pleasure of having tea with me Mr. Prime Minister.


The Letter - Part - I

By FreaKo

This is a multi-part open letter to the Prime Minister, asking him to refrain from going ahead with the nuclear agenda currently being considered by this government.

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

I know all is not well in New Delhi and that the biggest concern with the government today is not the well being of the people of this nation, but the survival of the UPA government. This is one of the most appalling truth that the citizens of this country has to deal with. We, the people of India, sent you people (MPs) to the corridors of power, so that you can work towards the well being and  for the welfare of the people of this country, whom your party would like to mock as Aam Aadmi. Mr.Prime Minister, let me tell you that the term Aam Aadmi is the most derogatory term that you could call the citizens of this great nation. What makes you believe that you yourselves are above the rest of us Aam Aadmis that you had to refer to us with that term? When you call us as 'Aam Aadmi', does that mean that we are of low cast in this modern day society, untouchables who live at the mercy of people whom we gave a job, a job of running this country? It just shows the kind of respect you and your coterie of ministers have for the very people who made you what you are! Do you wonder about the morsel of rice that you eat everyday, is the sweat of someone who broke is back because of the policies that you have enforced, ensured that he cannot eat the same morsel that he reaps? And what do you people do all day in office? I wonder Mr. Prime Minister?

Before I come to my point Mr. Prime Minister, let me clarify that I am not writing this letter to make you realize your actual job. I hope you already know that! I needed the above preamble to discuss something of grave importance, which if you understand, which I presume that you will, will help you in addressing some of the most urgent matter that needs to be looked into. Right now Mr. Prime Minister, I am going to ask you some questions. No, this not an examination, nor do I suspect your knowledge on the subject of Indian people, just make a mental note of these questions! Let me clarify, that I do not want the answers, it is for you Mr.Prime Minister. 
1. How many people in this country, have access to food and clean (Repeat: Clean, not the one that comes out of the Municipal taps) drinking water, for every day of their living life?
2. How many people in this country have access to free medical care?
3. How many children have access to free education in place of 'free' employment?

Now let me come to the point Mr. Prime Minister. Billions of bytes, loads of news print and billions of dollars (That is the currency you like, right?) worth intellectual time have already been wasted on this piece of alien crap called the Indo-US Nuclear deal! The other day, one of those, so called news channels was airing a news story, which they claim was something about what you said to your party's supreme commander, in relation to the pet deal that chanced upon on your last visit to uncle Sam! I don't know  how true these news channels are, but according to them, you had expressed your desire to quit as the Prime Minister of this great nation, if the Indo-US deal does not get through! Personally I would want both of that scenario unfurl, Mr. Prime Minister. No hard feelings, but your demonstration of running a country has not caught my fancy a bit Mr. Prime Minister. Excuse me for the coming digression, but the supreme commander of your party makes me laugh. Sometime I wonder who runs the country, you and your ministers or the supreme commander? Or have we stepped back into history when this country was run on feudal system? You have this Zamindaar, and a lot of his cronies seeking the next order as to what to do next? Or am I missing something? Oh well, you still refer to your people as Aam Aadmi, right? 

Mr. Prime Minister, I have about ten minutes more today. You see I have a life of my own in which I have my own little things to do, that cannot be postponed. You see, it is like this, as the Prime Minister, you need to know if your people have the time or not to interact with you and not the other way round, after all you are their servant, right? Someday, I will invite you over for a cup of tea, the kind of tea that we untouchables drink! And you can go back to the corridors and say with pride and boast to your coterie and supreme commander that you had the chance to have tea with your people and that I actually took out some time to chit-chat with you and that you shook hands with me!

I apologize for not having discussed what I wanted to, but I promise that I shall write to you about it tomorrow. How can I not Mr.Prime Minister, after all, the future of this great nation of untouchables depend on our discussion. Right Mr.Prime Minister? Until then, I suggest that you keep your hands off that dreaded document, you wouldn't want to disappoint me, right Mr.Prime Minister?

Yours Truly,
Not an Aam Aadmi   


Arvind Adiga's The White Tiger

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Read Rahul N.R's review on this book at Impressions 'n Expressions

wt How many times have you heard of the shining multistory buildings and swanky malls of urban India and about the poetically beautiful earthy smells of its villages and pristine streams that run through it. The sarees and the elaborate weddings and the innocence of its children. And then take a look at its (India's) underbelly! And you see an India that no one talks about or dares to mention, of its stinking sewage running through the middle of the road or the dirty pigs feeding on the feces and uncles with tuberculosis and aunts who are on death beds, of conniving grandmothers and hospitals where goats roam about with no doctor. The real India that we do not want to admit about! The real India that you do not see on NDTV Nightout!

Arvind Adiga's debut novel is not about sweet and earthy India. It is about the people who live in the "Darkness" caught up in the "The Great Rooster Coop". It is a morbid tale of how Balram Halwai, escapes from the darkness and into the light to become one of India's entrepreneurs who keep the motors of its economy running.

Balram, is the white tiger, who got the nick name from one of the school inspectors who promises him a scholarship because he was able to spell words as compared to others in the class. A white tiger is a rear phenomena, which happens only once in a generation. But as fate would have it Balram would have to quit school, half baked, so that he can go and work for the landlord to repay the family's debt. Balram wants to escape the drudgery of the darkness and he ends up being the driver for a landlord's US returned son Ashok and his wife Pinky Madam, a job that takes him from Darkness to Light, to the city of Delhi. Balram's anger has no release yet he is an humble servant to his master, a trait that can never leave anyone who has come from the lower pecking order in the Rooster Coop. He has learned to siphon fuel from his master's car and makes inflated bills for car repairs, while the master bribes government ministers, who also act as pimps for fair skinned prostitutes, with big red bags of money. Balram is desperate to get out the life from the darkness, so much that he is willing to sacrifice his family, whom he thinks of nothing more than a burden throughout his life! The turmoil in his mind leads to one incident after another and also a cold blooded murder.

Everything in the book is subject to scathing comments, democracy, family, fat politicians anything that Balram encounters! But the biggest success of the book lies in the way Adiga has portrayed his characters, Balram and his anger, the helplessness of Ashok his master, the landlords, the servant class who live in the basement and his family in the darkness that never ceases to fight. Adiga's book is raw, angry and in your face and shows where the real India is at the same time being funny too.

This is an impressive debut novel in which Adiga has definitely showcased his literary talent, the kind that would want you to reach out for his next.

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The Prodigal Son

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Not so long ago, there was a country cozily tucked away between the deep seas and the big mountains. In this country there was a not so typical home where lived artisans, farmers, business men, thieves, criminals of all kind, the rich, the super rich, the billionaires, the poor, the beggars, the lepers, the orphans and many unknown people, as one little family. This was a strange family. No one trusted anyone and everyone had to pay for their daily ration of food and water. Whatever they wanted, the father of the house would provide it, but only if someone paid for the services. Now anyone in the family could earn the money however they wanted. The could work outside the house and earn money or they could work for the family and earn money.

To the neighbors this family was a role model as they envied the fact that how lavishly they were living. Indeed there was lot of money flowing into this little not-so-long-ago unknown family. Everything was hunky-dory in this little house as some of the people had work and the father used take notice, albeit, occasionally, of the the needy who had no job. This was till the father gave all the little money the family had to an old little boy and told, "Son, the family's wealth is in your hands, spend it carefully." The prodigal son of the family knew that this wasn't much money to buy lollipops for him. So he thought, how he could get more money to buy more lollipops so that he can share it with all of his friends. He told his daddy that he does not have enough money to treat his friends and daddy replied, "Sonny, you have all the money we had, now it is upto you to find out a way to double it." The little boy very well knew that the money will not double on its own, that the concept metamorphosis was not applicable to money. He kept thinking and thinking. All night and all day!

One day he ventures out of the house and sitting by the great big mountains he realized that he would have to sell something to make more money. He told daddy dear about his plan and daddy dear did not approve it. So all through the night he bugged daddy dear and by day break an agreement was reached. In the morning, he took all the gold of the family and pawned it. This was when the family saw so much money. Ofcourse, for the little kids in the cradle, it did not matter at all. Soon everyone clamored for their share.

Every able bodied soul of the house got addicted to the dirty stench of money and they started doing little business to get more money. The prodigal boy wanted more money so he sold the kitchen of the house to someone. Now everyone in the family had to pay the owner of the kitchen to get food and it was expensive. But for those little babies who could not work, let alone they could not even speak, went hungry most of the days as everyone was busy trying to make money and took no notice of them.

Not very later, the father died and the uncle took over the functioning of the house. Nothing changed though except for the ruler of the house. Soon an uprising happened and several uncles and aunties joined together and ousted the ruling uncle. Now they told the mother of the house to rule the house but the mother refused because of the opposition from several other people in the family. One fine day, like the voice of god, the mother thundered down to the people of the family, "Let the Prodigal Son lead you!"

The prodigal son took over the reins of the family. Now there was problem within the house. There wasn't enough food in the family and the prodigal son decided that he would give the money he made by selling everything in the house to a notorious landlord who lived far away in the corner of the country to get lollipops for everyone in the family. Soon there was this opposition to this proposal, the prodigal son claimed that this was vital for the health security of the family, smooth and delicious lollipops for everyone. The elders of the house who had supported him tried to beat sense into his thick and empty skull covered, in a length of coarse cotton, that lollipops are not what they need at the moment but food for all and milk for the little babies who cannot speak.

Coarse cotton head says that food and milk are are perishables and we need to have alternatives like expensive lollipops. Cotton head though that this was a chance to get the family as a friend with the notorious landlord who supplied the lollipops and also will let the family know how to make these. The elders protested! And the prodigal son cried out loud..
"Mummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!! These uncles are not letting me rule the house.... waaaaaaah ahhhhhhhaaaaa! I am gonna quit if you don't let me buy lollipops from uncle Shrubs!!! "

What did mummy do? Did Cotton head get to buy the lollipops? I don't know what happened next, but I hope the babies in the house are taken care of! And the nincompoop of a son is asked to keep quiet and work for the welfare of the house than drooling looking at uncle Shrubs' house! -Amen!


Viva La Vida - Death and All His Friends - A Review

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VivaLaVida With just three previous albums to their credit, many would not have considered a band as a mature band, but Chris Martin and Co's Coldplay has demonstrated that all a band requires is the creative ingenuity to strike the right notes at the right time and consistently to get to that level and not to forget, hire a great producer in the form of Brian Eno too.

After the success of Parachutes, Rush of Blood and the hugely successful X &Y, Coldplay had to come out with something different and that is what they did, calling it Viva La Vida - or Death and All His Friends, one of the most anticipated releases of the year. And has it struck the right chords? Wait till you hear the complete album that brings out an amazing set of tracks.

Unlike their previous albums, the fourth edition is the darkest of the lot with references to war, religion, death and love (minus the mushiness of their previous albums). Simply put, Viva La Vida is something new and refreshing and sort an experiment for the band, with influences from world music (of which you shall learn below). I have been listening to the tracks from the last weekend and my verdict is a thumbs up!

The album starts with brilliant instrumental, Life in Technicolour, with techno sounds and acoustic guitar. It ends as abruptly as it started, kind of a disappointment because in just two and a half minutes into the track, when the tempo has picked up, it ends. However a great way to get the album started. This is followed by the eerie Cemeteries of London and Lost a track with influences of world music.

Next comes 42, the center piece of the album with references to the ghosts and heaven. It starts out slow with piano and Martin's crisp vocals and breaks into a long instrumental with shades of electronic before shifting into an upbeat an peppy mood towards the end. This is followed by couple of twin tracks (Two songs in the same track), Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love with its East Asian influence and Yes/Chinese sleep Chant.
Surprisingly Yes is delightful with touches of Arabic music and low pitch vocals of Martin, something that is not our typical Martin vocals.

The next two tracks may not exactly be my favorites in the album, probably because they are kind of pop than alternative, however are easy and catchy. Viva La Vida, the title track and Violet Hill, the hugely popular pre-release give away song, that used to be played almost every hour on VH1 only a couple of weeks back!

Strawberry Swing, the next track on the CD, is more brighter compared the darker songs preceding with lot of sitar and percussion. This interlude is followed by another twin track, the surreal Death and All His Friends with the entire band singing "I don't want to follow death and all of his friends" and The Escapist.

Apart from the above ten tracks, there are two bonus tracks, Lost?, an excellent acoustic version of the song by the same name and the acoustic version of
Lovers in Japan.

With Viva La Vida, Coldplay has definitely upped their own ante by pushing their own boundaries to create the most perfect album they have released to date and I would give them a 3 and a 1/2 stars. And as one of the commentators put it, "They have come a long way since singing about the colour yellow". For all the fans of alternative rock, it is a definite recommendation from me.

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Moon Drop - (Chapter 1 & 2: First Cut)

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Long Post Below

I. Cold Moon Stew

I looked at my watch. Not that it was important for me to know what the time was but I looked at it anyway, a cursory glance on to the dial. Only the fat hour hand registered in my brain. The time was somewhere between 10 and 11 in the morning. It had been a long time since breakfast and a bit too early for lunch and food was no where in my thoughts, but it always helped me judge if it was morning, noon or night. The pretty face news reader with a voice of a squeaking rat kept on blabbering enthusiastically about the death of a cabaret dancer. It never made any sense to me and I never followed the ‘story’ either, but every news channel seemed to be running the same story. Would they cover my death as a story when I am dead? I was not sure if I wanted to fall asleep, however I closed my eyes….


The night sky looked like a canvas of deep violet with the effervescence of the milky white moon’s light scattered by the cotton like clouds that lingered around it like bees around a flower. And I stared into the sky, holding firm on to the wooden fence. My palms were moist with perspiration and the cold dew of the night on the coarse fence by the stream that flowed silently so as not to disturb the beings of the dark. A dark dry leaf with a crooked smile on its face, floated on the wrinkly surface of the shallow stream, across the reflection of the great dollop of light in the sky and into the darkness of the purple night.

I opened the fence and stepped into the icy cold stream, feeling the rounded pebbles with the white of my foot, as I searched for a foothold.
The stream seemed to scowl at me as it tried to rush past, tickling my ankles. And I looked at the moon beneath my feet and then gazed endlessly into the night sky, into oblivion, into the ubiquitous moon!

And then in a moment of utter madness, it relented, as it started to melt in the cold night sky. A great big moon drop started to form at the bottom of the disc. It kept growing and growing in size and I could feel the goose bumps forming beneath my shirt. I could feel the sweat beneath my feet under the water. Time seemed to float in the motionless air.

II. Puppets of the breeze

The phone kept ringing for some time and went silent. After a few seconds it started its annoying din and I looked towards it. I didn’t want to answer it; I didn’t like talking to people, especially someone whom I know. If I had a choice I would have avoided all their calls. But this time the rings stated to hurt my ears. I stretched across the couch towards the phone. “Hello…” I blurted into it.
“Hey Markie! How are you?” A husky female voice on the other end enquired. Who could this be? She seemed to know me and yet I couldn’t recognize the voice. I felt like a donkey for not recognizing people but I didn’t want to let her know that I didn’t know her, lest she feels offended, more importantly I didn’t want her to know that I failed to recognize who ever it was.

“Hey hey, I am doing good, great, how bout you?” I replied, sounding as though to share the same enthusiasm she had.
“I am good too dear. So what have you been upto all these days? I haven’t heard anything from you, no calls, no mails, no messages…” she left that sentence hanging there expecting me to interrupt her and tell her what’s been happening with my life.

My mind was in over drive. Now who would be expecting calls, mails and messages from me? And I knew less number of female acquaintances than the fingers on my right hand, which, by the way, is the normal five! Face of all my female acquaintances flashed through my brain none of them owned this voice.

“Markie… you there?”
“Uh oh! Yea! I was just getting on to the balcony for better reception. I can barely hear you” I lied, getting back to my senses.

Why did I lie? Well if I didn’t know who the caller was, it meant that she didn’t know me too well either. And if she was complaining about my incommunicado, then she must be someone who knew me and whom I didn’t care about.
“So what’s the news on your side?” I asked. Damn! What the hell am I doing trying to strike a conversation with someone whom I don’t know? “Well there is news for you. I am leaving Delhi, and coming to Bangalore.”
“That’s great!” I said.
“So how is Meenakshi?” She asked.

Now this is someone I really knew in the past and she knew a lot more than I wished to remember and I felt a little bit uneasy with microscopic drops of perspiration forming on my half naked body.

“She’s doing well, I guess.” Why did I say that? I haven’t talked to her in more than 2 years and I don’t even know if she is in the same city as I am and for that matter she may be in a different continent altogether rearing somebody else’s kids by now.

“Listen, I am getting a call on the other line. I will call you back in a while.” She said.
“No problem. You can call me any time.” I said, quite relieved. But she had managed to unsettle my mind by referring to Meenakshi. I haven’t thought about her in a while; well let’s say a very long time.

We were seeing each other for some time not a very long time but close to four years. Now I must say that I haven’t fallen for anyone in all these years except for her and that is an impeccable, but a sad, track record for any guy I guess. And one fine overcast day, the kind I like, where the sky is a spotless grey without any real threat of a rain and a continuous breeze flowing across your path, when I dreamt, of walking along the pathway along an unknown beach. The surf was lapping up the white sands of the surprisingly clean beach. And I dreamt of us walking along the beach and a strong breeze causes her silky hair to fly across my face. That’s when I realized, when I opened my eyes, there was neither a beach nor Meenakshi on that lovely overcast afternoon. Our breakup was in the simplest of ways. We didn’t talk about it or wished each other any luck. She just decided to leave me and then there was no contact for a long many days. We just stopped meeting or calling each other. Like one day you wake up from your sleep and say, ‘OK I am breaking up with Max’ and so you have a break up there itself, on your bed. No need to let anyone know about it even the person whom you are breaking up with. Since then, she called me once and we met once again.


It felt like a thousand needles piercing the skin. But not a muscle flinched though initially it felt a little bit uncomfortable as the water grazed through my skin. But by now I had got seasoned to the cold showers early in the morning. I watched as the stream of water flowed down my body and into the drain, as my mind fought hard to get distracted from the memories of her. I couldn't understand the melancholy of emotions inside me. A part of me was happy that I had been able to convince her while another part longed for her while knowing that she was gone forever, yet another part was angry for my actions while another hoped that we would get back once again, sometime in the future. As I pondered about which part of me should I trust, I thought of the last few moments of my last meeting with her?

We had decided to split, or rather she had decided, and I had convinced for one last time that this was the best thing to happen to us. She embraced me and I responded back as our lips met. The fragrance of her body filed my senses and I could feel the softness of her. I opened my eyes only to see hers closed. She had always been peeved with me for kissing with my eyes open.

While it seemed that she didn't want to end the meeting, I knew that the time had come. I let go of her and those soft lips as she slowly opened her eyes. I could see her moist eyes opening slightly as a drop of tear broke free from the crack of her eyes. I didn't say any goodbyes or wished her any luck, neither did she. I just stepped back and looked at her an expressionless stare and turned around and broke into a brisk walk. I didn't look back. Did she turn back and walk off like me or did she stand there as I melted into the crowd down the street? I wondered but I didn't care at that moment.


I stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, not bothering to dry myself and slouched on to the couch! Who was the caller? I tried thinking of all the people I knew before two years and their friends. But I couldn’t think of anyone whom I could associate the voice with. And the way she said that she would be calling me ‘in a while’ sounded very familiar. Things were getting too foggy in my head and I lit up another cigarette. I looked at the curls of smoke rising up from the embers at the end of the cigarette as they disintegrated in front of me into countless and directionless threads of translucent grey patterns; the translucent grey puppets of the breeze.

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'Dad, how do you crash a car at 30 miles an hour?

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He laughed as he asked the question. If that was a question for which he didn’t know the answer, he was most certainly kidding for Lewis Hamilton, on Sunday, demonstrated how to plough down a certain stationary red car within the pit lane speed limits at the F1 Grand Prix of Canada, otherwise, what may have been a chance for Kimi Riakkonen to win the race and reestablish the lead for the championship, which eventually was won by the future champion, Robert Kubica.

It is high time, Hamilton got out of the hype and started concentrating more on his racing and techniques while checking his on-track temperament, especially when he is chasing. Time and again Hamilton has been a victim of living in a hyperbole, mostly created by the media and Ron Dennis, who we can say has been like a parent to a child and excusing the erring child, even when it seemed Hamilton has been making the obvious mistakes that one shouldn’t be making after over 10 years of training. Last year, it cost him the championship when he bungled up in China and Brazil by running the car more than it could take and also messing up the gear change in last race of the season. (Read my take on the previous season:
Anything You Can Do I can Do Better...).

Hamilton, on his part has been anything but apologetic. Even after the pit lane incident he believed that he certainly had a chance to win the race since he had a six second lead over Kubica. However, Hammie does not seem to realize that while he had a long pit stop, both Raikonnen and Kubica had already set themselves at the exit of the pit lane for the green light. Probably that’s the reason why Hamilton took of like crazy, not even bothering to check the pit lane exit lights. What was more intriguing was his comments to questions from the media. “I saw the red light and stopped, but, by the time I stopped, it was too late.” This is something that every traffic cop would have heard many times across the world, as a viewer on
Times online put it. "It’s a shame I ruined Kimi’s race, but that sort of thing happens. Until then I was so quick I was just breezing it.” Breezing it? Lewis! Were you sleeping while in the pit lane? I guess he didn’t notice that both Kimi and Kubica were ahead of him and there was no way he was going to catch up with them as he had a heavier fuel load than the two of them.

Sometimes, I feel that Hamilton is more interested in the glitz of Formula 1 than in racing and if it is so, I wonder how long Mclaren are going to keep him. And as
Rahul put it in his e-mail, “Well, now both dad and son can sit together and laugh...”

A note on the title for this post: Before the race in an interview with Lewis Hamilton – Reuters -Sunday's incident also completed a bad week for the Hamilton family - Lewis's father Anthony crashed a borrowed Porsche in England and the F1 driver had even joked about the incident on television before the race.
"I've just been laughing. It's bad of me, I shouldn't but I said 'Dad, how do you crash a car at 30 miles an hour?"

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The Office Memo

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A funny post on the usage of language brought back memories of an office memo which, then, had made me roll on the dirty carpet of the office, in laughter.
Rampanheart’s post Save English, shows the ways in which people try to show off their newly learned vocabulary by using it in every conversation they have, irrespective of the fact that they do not know when, where and how to use these. Coming back to my story, it was about 5 years ago. The organization was pretty new and it was still in the process of getting its entire infrastructure in place, however they had started their operations. As all of us were new to the organization, right from top to bottom, the lady handling the HR department issued a circular that each one of us had to sign. The circular was borne out of the need for a disciplined work force which respected the ethics of the organizations and represented the organization’s professionalism in every aspect right from the kind of cloths the workforce wore. In short, probably the management didn’t take it too lightly to the fact that they were paying for people who strolled through their premises in torn and gunshot jeans or noodle strap spaghettis and stilettos.

So as I sat at my desk and burning up the calories pretending to work, which is the actual work I do, I heard a giggle at one end of the room! Girls and their silly jokes, I thought! A few seconds later the same giggle but in a different voice! Nothing can bother me while I am pretending and I let it go thinking it might be some stupid girl joke that they always seem to have in their conversations. A few minutes later, a register like book is thrust in front of my face and HR executive who did this act told me to sign on the circular. Remember, these were the days when e-mails were not common and only the privileged few owned an account, an e-mail account that is!

I read the memo and was stunned for a moment and wondered if I am in heaven and for once I was in concurrence with the policies of human resource, laughing my behinds out I signed on then memo. It read:

Men: On weekdays you should be wearing formals and on Saturdays, casuals
wear is allowed.
Women: On weekdays you should be dressed moderately and on
Saturdays, casuals wear is allowed.

Things I Do

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Here is a partial list of things I do most in a day!

Eat, eat and eat?
Nope I am on a diet… only because; no one is willing to give me a company to the cafeteria within five minutes of returning from there!

Yes I do that plenty of time, that keeps me busy while at work, pretending to be busy creating the groundbreaking, Organizational Operational Procedures & Systems, which I lovingly call OOPS! I guess everyone has got a wind of it. Everyone seems to say OOPS when I am spotted and walks the other way, probably thinking that I may ask from where they got to know about it.

Switching channels?
This is my favorite weekend game! I can switch channels faster than Superman can wear his underwear! I have switched 42 channels in 60 seconds and I am bloody consistent at that, not like the Indian Cricket Team! Beat that!

Hehe I was only kidding :P

I keep hitting the F9 on Outlook so that all the latest mails are downloaded. I have hit the key so many times in the past many years that it does not work now. I called up help desk and told them that I am not receiving any mails and they said that’s probably because no one was sending me any! So I created a filter where it forwards any mail sent by me and to me, to me. Now I have a mail coming in every second! (I would love to see the look on the System Admin’s face when he finds out that his servers are being bombarded by his own servers :D)

Now you must be getting an idea of how jobless a blogger can be?

Journalistic Ethics

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Last week GA thought about bashing the media for all the misinformation it feeds and the general lack in understanding by its rookie editorial board as to what their job is, however, GA decided against it then. People are, anyway, going to lap up its fare without even a second thought and will judge one media store from another just based on whom they like or just plainly, who keeps them happier by way of the most twisted truth one would want to hear. Journalistic Ethics is not an oxymoron created for amusement; rather it is a reality out there, everywhere and in your face.

In an article titled
Journalistic Ethics and Other Oxymorons, on the website for Center for Advanced Technology in Education, University of Oregon, the writer gives you a very good example of journalistic ethics. However, he did not articulate it enough as these are just exceptions which we need to applaud, and this incident happened not because the media kept away on their own (one should be on a high to conjure that), but because they were pushed to do so.

Now let’s take a look at what is happening in our own country. Right now, the media frenzy is about the “Arushi murder case”, so much so that they have totally forgotten that there was another person killed in the whole episode, which I guess, both the media and the law enforcement has forgot. What has the media done here? Do they care a damn about privacy of individuals? What you see these days are personal, pictures and home videos of the girl’s family. Every news channel and newspaper journalist has thrust a mic into the face of all and sundry relatives and friends in their daily “Exclusive Interview” scoop. Has the media given a moments peace for the aggrieved family and friends to mourn their loss for atleast a minute, what with the crowd of OB vans and media army camping outside their house. This kind of voyeuristic journalism is nauseating at best. Step back and look at the other victim. Do you remember the name of the deceased? Hemachandra (I believe that is the name) was a domestic help at the girl’s house and he was brutally killed on the same day as the girl. But how many news channels have told you about the loss for the people for whom he meant a lot?

It is considered to be a taboo to mention, but to say that the media in our country is impartial, and there is no class bias in reporting is a big fat and obnoxious lie. The other night, on a show hosted by Bharka Dutt, Deepak Chaurasia, I don’t know which channel he represents as he has been changing channels faster than his cloths, was very vocal, angry and shouting at everyone who dared this topic. He went on to say that what the media was doing is just plain reporting. He said,

“What do you want us to say? Do you want us to say that the ‘Police allegedly said’ that he is the’ alleged’ killer? Whom do we believe? Shouldn’t we believe the Police”.

My answer to the boorish Deepak Chourasia is first of all his arguments in the programme was despicable. Secondly, for a person of his stature he shouldn’t be expecting his viewers to tell him how his news needs to be written and if he still insists on his arguments, he should rather take the advice given by one of his audience at the show and gracefully give up his job, it is just not meant for him. I would rather suggest him be the spokesman for BJP which is what he has been all through these years! The truth is there is a very distinct class bias in the reporting of events happening across the country. How many reams of paper, sound bytes and length of video tapes have been wasted in reporting the Nitish Katara murder case or the murder case of a glorified bar girl (I forgot the name here again)? And have you heard of the massacre in a village where entire population of dalits where burned or hacked to death? Have you heard of the wall built around a dalit settlement so that they cannot go out or come in? Chances are you might not have heard it! These news are available in the “other stories” section while you have panel discussions, and expert comments on pop murder cases.

If at all you would want to check this, just check out the “other stories/news” section of your favorite news media and try to follow up the story in the coming days. Chances are you wouldn’t even find that story from the next day, god forbid, while some other pop-murder happens.

In the next part of this article, I shall be posting on another aspect of media behavior and why there is class bias. Please drop in your comments so I shall try to answer and also accept your view points as much as I can. Till then happy news hunting.

Manufacturing Truth

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In an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, Sharon Stone, suggested that the devastating earthquake that hit China was the Karma, the punishment for China’s alleged atrocities against Tibet and yesterday, Christian Dior announced that they were dropping her from all the Chinese advertising. Ms. Stone, it is reported that, apologized profusely and volunteered to for the earthquake relief work.

We have heard such blasé comments form celebrities quite often in the past but not on humanitarian crises and we I shall not discuss the merits of celebrity comments. What interests me is how the western media, coerced as usual by their respective government, has been treating the cause of the Tibetan struggle for autonomy. We have been hearing of the Tibetan fighters have been trampled by the Chinese army et al. A leading Indian news magazine put it as a Pavlovian media and political campaign lead by the western block, “by fanning the flames of violence in Tibet”. Several, countries have threatened to boycott the Beijing Olympics, sighting the excess of the Chinese army, and to prove their point, several pictures of the authorities beating up protesters have been flashed across the global media and some of the media names may be familiar to for their antecedence of “Fair” (?) news coverage which include CNN, Fox News, BBC and a host of other international media agencies.

According to Forntline, following the allegation made by the Dalai Lama about the excess of the Chinese Army, a sensational photograph started doing the rounds in the internet. The photograph showed several army men in uniforms holding folded Robes. The Dalai Lama’s office said that it was the army men in these robes had rioted in Lhasa on March 14, 2008. Some of the netizens, mostly Chinese, researched on this photograph, which shook the world and found that the summer uniforms worn by the policemen in the picture was something out of the question for March 14 in the Lhasa cold. Another fact which questioned the credibility of the photo was the the absence of shoulder badges, worn by all PAP servicemen since 2005. Further online discovery gave the lie to what the photograph was supposed to be: it had been originally uploaded on a website linked to the Dalai Lama’s ‘government-in-exile,’ with the caption reading: “This photo was apparently taken when monks refused to act in a movie, so soldiers were ordered to put on the robes”. [Source:

What the article did was, blast the claims, of western media and the neo-journalism rampantly available in India, of “fair and truthful” reporting. Often these media uses the excuse of “lack of onsite access” to guise their partisan coverage of issues which are mostly provided by the parties for whom they are reporting or just plain hearsay based on the editorial bias. I have lost the count of misinformation, provided on the basis of hypothesis and just mere conjecture, by the Indian media.

Credits: Parts of the article published in The Frontline have been used in this post.

News Today

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Savor this, the headlines on Times Now for their 11:00 AM news show:

A news caster shouts into the microphone with music in the background as she announces the headlines. The first one is about Jaipur taking on Delhi in the first semifinal in the Indian Premier League. [That is the biggest thing happening in India today? What a bland place has it become!] More music in the background. She shouts again informing about something that happened in the Nitish Katara Murder Case [Thanks to the criminal tendencies of Indians, there is fodder for the media] And the music still continues. Another scream into the microphone informing rise in petrol prices tomorrow, though not authenticated news. [Wow! Rumours are news these days!] The crass music is still playing in the background. The newscaster is still testing her vocal strength when she tells us yet aging today that there are inconsistencies in the Arushi Murder case [Inconsistencies in reporting that is] and the music is building up to a climax as she shouts for one last time about Musharraf s not stepping down. [OK that is fine] and the build up music dies as the video shows Arnab's pet screaming beauty who has more make up than news in her.

That was too much for me and I decide to get ready for Work. I do not want to rape my medulla oblongata anymore!


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Today, I chanced upon three different blogs by three different people on three different topics. Yet they seemed to have a certain bond, a certain and minute reference to destiny.

Rahul’s medium(by far the most direct reference to destiny) was a discussion about ‘Kieslowski’s the Three Colours, Red (The third part of the trilogy, Three Colours, Blue, White and Red), Evita argues about how people end up doing things other than what they could have done, and MysticSaint used spirituality to convey his thoughts. Although, all the three posts were discussions on different topics, Movies, career and spirituality, all the tree posts had a certain characteristics in them which related to destiny.

Three Colours Red, uses certain fictional cues to tell the audience that everything happening around us is for a reason and each of these incidents are a cue to our destiny. As per the movie, according to Rahul, life is after all not random and mere chance but predestined. It tells us how Auguste’s life is just a mirror of the Judge’s past!

Let’s take a look at Evita’s story here now. I am not going into the virtues of the system that is being questioned by Evita rather I would like to use this story to elaborate on the relationship, or lack of it, between chance and destiny. Evita’s subjects, mostly and almost always ends up doing something else than what they are cut out to do. Probably she is blaming the prevailing socio-economic conditions or perhaps the destiny of her subjects was already written.

MysticSaint tells us a story of love and compassion and we need to look at the destiny of the crippled birdling. The bird was let to die without wings and without legs, however, the wasp showing us what love is all about, was feeding the hungry chick so that it lives. Perchance, the bird was destined to live.

But what is destiny? Is it just an indicator of what your life is or is it just an excuse? People have a tendency to ordain their success or failure to destiny and yet there is a class of people who would not give a destiny a chance and fight it out till they succeed.

Destiny is the end of the path that one paves for everyone. The moment on starts thinking of one’s self, he has given failure a chance to conquer him and everyone. When one disregards the other, one has disregarded himself and everyone.

Tat-Twam-Asi, Thou Art That!

The moment you disregard your fellow being, you are disregarding your selves because according to Tat-Twam-Asi, you are that and you are discarding yourselves.

Random Revelations - II

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In China everything is Chinese.
Overheard at: Only Place – The Steak Place, Bangalore


Random Revelations - I

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Chances are that if the first part of the movie is X-Men, the last part will also be X-Men.
- Meci


UPDATE 1: Phantom of the Blogosphere (ബ്ലോഗോളിതില്ലേ പ്രേധം)

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Before you read further, I seriously suggest that you read the previous post. Not that it is going to enrich your intelligence anymore than an hour of viewing WWE wrestling, but it would give you a perspective of this post.

The phantom has not yet been reined. It is still roaming around the Kerala Bloggers community unseen and mostly unknown wrecking havoc on postings by members, especially anything related to one particular member. Strange things are happening, posts getting deleted, people leave comments on the blog and that gets deleted, either I am too popular or this internet is haunted!

Here is the sequence of events for today:

A little help before your proceed
Post = Posts on the Orkut community
Comments = Comments left on the blog

1. I Post and it gets deleted.
2. I post again and it gets deleted.
3. I get in touch with
owner of the community and he says that he is the only moderator of the community and he has not yet seen my post and requests me to check with Orkut on the disappearing act performed by certain posts (Mohanlal would love this trick, I guess)
Amooma replies to my post
5. My post is deleted
6. I inform the
owner again of the new incident and he tells me that he too had seen the post but not anymore. We decide to check our account passwords
7. I post again, replying to
Amooma’s post. (At this point I thought everything was over)
8. Now all the posts after 143 are missing! the Albert Einstein in me thinks of a possible black hole on the internet (A possibility of it getting named after meeeee :P)
9. I shoot out mails to Orkut and Google to see if they can unearth anything from their logs.
10. I post again, this time I give a full 5 points, just to see if anything happens.
11. I get a comment from an unknown
kuhorj who says,
Comment:“yesterday when i visited the page on orkut ur score and some comments about that site was also there....i think the comment was like "it is not a blog...."
Kuhorj, deletes his comments immediately and I am not sure why? (Ahem!). This was at 9:19 PM IST
13. Now as I check,
Kuhorj has posted his comments again. [9:39 PM]
Comment: [yesterday when i visited the orkut forum i found ur comments and ur score for that person. i even noticed it and u commented something like....its not a blog....]
14. At this point Sony has replied to the post.

Fingers crossed :)

Phantom of the Blogosphere (ബ്ലോഗോളിതില്ലേ പ്രേധം)

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I don’t know why but for some strange reasons it seems that a stranger does not like me.

I joined a community called Kerala Bloggers some time back and now was the time when I got the chance to check it out. There is this section where every one provides the link to their blog and the next person rates it between 1 and 10. Not to be left out, your’s truly too joined the bandwagon.

I gave the jerk who posted before me a 0.5 out of a whole 10 just because the link he provided was not a blog, but a sad website, which I am sure took a lot of family time to design and perfect (if that is called perfection). Then with a sense of pride, I post the link to my loud and proud blog (which no one reads other than the ones I force to or me). I check the posting if everything is fine.

Next day, I login to check if anyone has scored for me and lo, what do I see? My posting has been deleted! I am furious, I am sure I had clicked the “submit” button. Anyways I do the same thing I did the last day and with a sense of pride, I post again. The only difference being that I gave a 1.5 in place of 0.5 (I was wondering if the jerk didn’t like the score I gave him last time, so I gave him another full point to keep him happy). And today when I check again, hoping to get rave reviews for my blog with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude (well most of the personal blogs behave that way), my post has been deleted AGAIN. I am sure it is the jerk who has deleted it, just because I gave him a score that he deserved! Karthave! Aa Paapi, cheyunethu, avan ariyinilla! Avanodu proukanme! (Hey god old lord! The sinner doesn’t realize his actions! Please forgive him!)

But yours truly is not going to give it up without a fight! I am as persistent as a child can be. I will keep on posting till the phantom deleter gets tired. Thanks to high speed corporate internet connections, the world is a bloggier space to live in!

Opinion on: Microsoft Solves the Google Problem

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The above article is written by Joe Wilcox, a self proclaimed Journalist more popular for his constant rant against Microsoft. (You can read it here)

Fact 1: Google is the leader in the online search Market.
Fact 2: Apple is the champion of lifestyle gadgets and lifestyle computing.
Fact 3: Microsoft is the undisputed king that rules the desktop computing environment.

All said and done, I don't understand why Joople (Joe, The Apple Fanboys and Google Fanboys) should be ranting about Microsoft? They talk about how the next generation gadgets and Web 2.0 and Cloud computing, all ruled by Google and Apple would give a knock out punch for Microsoft. One thing the Jooples need to understand is that no matter how many new technologies arrive, it is all useless unless the masses use it. The masses that use the plain vanilla computers. What the Jooples don't understand is that Google's and Apple's expertise is not in vanilla desktops and that's where the masses are. For Apple, not in the near future would it be able to gather significant market share in desktops, to create a market where people would think beyond Windows. If Apple thinks that their aim is to topple Windows, then I guess, they should rethink on making the Macs more user-friendly for the vanilla users and more importantly AFFORDABLE.

Google will thrive on Microsoft's success on the desktop front and should know that Apple and others will not be the best to help them to rule their domain. The point is, inspite of all the hue and cry over anything and everything happening in information technology signaling the doom for Microsoft, the reach and ease of availability of Microsoft desktop software, not to mention the ease of use and worldwide acceptability of it's formats across all industries and class of people making it the defacto standard, infact is only going to strengthen the MS arsenal as most of the applications, developed at consumer level, are designed to integrate with consumer level Microsoft programs, which in turn means that business' will have to ensure that their systems are integrated to the mass.

It is just a wishful thinking developments in IT would sound as a death knell for Microsoft.


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Read somewhere on the internet:

It's weird how you go from being strangers to being friends to being more than friends to being practically strangers... and it all happens so fast.


Long After the Race - II

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One evening, as usual, the Rabbit and the Tortoise, having nothing better to do, talk on things they have no clue on, trying to find the answer. Read on...
To read "Long after the Race - I" click here

Rabbit: am reading the summary of the katha upanishad
Tortoise: okie... and what does it say?

Rabbit: So there is this character called Nachiketas who is in conversation with Yama and is asking him what death is and what lies beyond. So yama is teaching him.
Tortoise: Death is a point on the timescale beyond which mortals have no existence the soul vaporizes.... tissssshhhhhhhhhh…. poooof

Rabbit: noooot really the body vaporizes, the soul is eternal and cannot be destroyed
Tortoise: HAR HAR HAR (Mocks at Rabbit) The soud is your body, your thought, everything that maketh you You! Without ‘you’ only the ideas and thoughts remain.

Silence… as both Rabbit and Tortoise ponder over their new finding….

Tortosie: The soul is a non-existent being to whom we would like to attribute our success and failures, more predominantly failures….
Rabbit: (interrupting) wait now you are contradicting yourselves.

Tortoise: (Continuing) it is basically ones alter ego
Rabbit: So if on one hand you are calling it our thoughts, our alter ego, then how can u say that its non existent?

Tortoise: I meant that the soul as a soul is non existent. Your thoughts may be yours or designed by your alter ego.
Rabbit: my god!

Tortoise: Yes my child!
Rabbit: so if thoughts are the soul, in your words then the soul does exist.

Tortoise: nooo....
Rabbit: Then a soul as a soul does exist it is that essence of you.

Tortoise: Soul does not exist! Thoughts are yours and not your souls...
Rabbit: (interrupting) But you said soul is nothing but one’s thoughts….

Tortoise: (Continuing)and your alter ego is your, what do you say, selfish caretaker. You listen to it for your own good and if your good is for universal good then that becomes your selfish need and if its is for your material good, that becomes your selfish need
Rabbit: So in context with the soul???

Tortoise: Nothing to context it with soul because it does not exist. It is something that we want to point to but when the something is not there. We just point towards the soul.
Rabbit: So basically you are saying that the soul is something material in nature?

Tortoise: You should be paying me…
Rabbit: Why? You are making no sense (Grinning)

Tortoise: For alternate ideologies (Smiling) Basically we human are material and the soul has no space here as it does not exist and if something does not exist how can I say ‘That’ is ‘This’?
Rabbit: That is your interpretation. I need to read what it means before i can make my stand

Tortoise: Tat Twam Asi..... the three words that says it all...Thou art that in lay man’s terms
Rabbit: yeah Mr. Tortoise! That totally clarified it for me Thou art that!

At this point Tortoise is typing frantically into his computer.

Tortoise: (Reading out form his screen) "You are God". You are God and your being is Godly. Thus, it incites a person to think, feel and express 'big' in a Masterly manner; leaving behind all trivialities. Narrowness is an impediment; vastness has all powers.
When you think in boundarylessness, there is nothing left but "Yours". When there is nothing other than "Yours", the distinction of "Mine and Yours" disappears or loses its very meaning. And, where everything is "Yours", you cannot cling to it, nor can you hold a part of it to claim your possession.
There is nothing to keep under your custody - because everything is yours. You are free. This state is possible at the psychic level only. So a broad psyche is GOD. (And then smiling says) WIKIPEDIA Thank You
Rabbit: I don’t like wikipedia when it comes to these things!

Tortoise: (laughing) but this is a very close... What do youu say? A down to earth explanation of tat Twam Asi? I know wut Tat Twam Asi means ... but its too tough to explain but this guy who put it has put it nicely.
Rabbit: I shall read what I have about the chandogya upnishad and let you know what I think

Tortoise: (Continues laughing) what amuses me is that this was all in like 10C BC that was like much before any other sort of philosophy came up.
Rabbit: amuses why? I thinks that is why it happened, who has the time these days? …

Tortoise: (puzzled look.. says nothing)
Rabbit: …Who has the brains?

Tortoise: I mean... the greeks had zilch until much later than that
Rabbit: yeah....sad it is

Tortoise: And they don’t have something that encapsulates the "Whole"…“Akhilam”
Rabbit: funny… you know

Tortoise: But they gave bits and pieces on good
Rabbit: I am having the exact same convo with another friend on the internet (pointing to her laptop) and the thing is it wasn’t me who brought up the topic

Tortoise: of?
Rabbit: Indian saints knowing all this so early on and now all philosophy is concentrated on the west

Tortoise: nope...that is populist! The problem is, to understand Indian philosophy one must shed all presumptions and start with an empty head
Rabbit: Easier said than done

Tortoise: It is tough that is why I have a tough time in explaining Tat-Twam-Asi
Rabbit: Oh really… (Mocking)

Tortoise: which means I still have a lot to learn on it
Rabbit: anyways I don’t want an explanation from you as that would be your interpretation of it, ideally. I guess I should read the upanishad

Tortoise: For me its simple... if I understand I can explain... else i need to understand it more clearly
Rabbit: But for now i'll read what lit I have with me on it. Philosophy is never easily explained.

Tortoise: it is understood rather..
Rabbit: That is what makes it so much fun (Grinning)

Tortoise: Hehe, for me its not merely fun it would give the answer to.... probably,,, to what am seeking.. That is ... why are we living?
Rabbit: Are you asking the right questions?

Tortoise: dunno... but i guess I am on the right direction....
Rabbit: You know I respect philosophy for everything it is and I know that it would lead me to all the right things but to me.... it is not necessarily about salvation or nirvana. To me it is basically about getting through life, it got me thru school, and that is why I love philosophy. I don’t really want to know what I am living for as long as I know every moment is made use of atleast when am not lazy

Tortoise: Mine is a singular agenda... why do we exist... The purpose of beings being where they are and what they are supposed to do.... I don’t know man... I am very curious... and probably I will never find the answer... probably there is no answer.
Rabbit: But how practical is that and meanwhile what about the life u are living? What about the time that goes past? How are u making use of that time u have? Was it worth it?

Tortoise: In finding the answer
Rabbit: c'mon

Tortoise: no no.... no we are taking wrong tracks here.... As i told you... we should shed all our thoughts before we try to understand it. If we try to include life into it before even we understand the concept of manu... it would make matters more complex and difficult understand and that would throw back... 20 years of trying to understand 5 minutes of philosophy.
Rabbit: Okay! I know u have been reading a lot of Indian philosophy and you know a lot of the terminology but I don’t, so use simpler words for understanding sake

Tortoise: You know Manu?
Rabbit: NO I DON’T!

Tortoise: The first life form according to Hindu mythology
Rabbit: okay look, my question is you are seeking to find answer to the question of "the purpose of beings being where they are and what they are supposed to do....", but isn’t living your life part of this purpose? Isn’t being here part of it?

Tortoise: may be ... may be not I dont have a answer. I mean, I don’t have a definite answer... nor anything remotely close that can explain it
Rabbit: I totally understand seeking the answer but at the end of it all there has to be an outcome. So, maybe, living is the answer?

Tortoise: Probably yes. But I am in search of something that does not have a answrer. All this must probably be chance and I am just going round in circles trying to find the point.
Rabbit: may be you arr looking too hard

Tortoise: all this are assumptions...
Rabbit: My point is why let time go by?

Tortoise: And lets not discard it al together...
Rabbit: how are u spending ur life? how is the time spent?

Tortoise: That is immaterial at this point in time and I don’t like the tone of that question. (Smiling)
Rabbit: C'mon Mr. Tortoise. If you believe in karma siddhanta, at the end of it all there is an account of all the things you did and you next birth is a consequence of that and you have to be able to answer for all the things you've done good or bad. Can u? Forget all that what I mean to say is… I totally support your quest in seeking to answer the ultimate question but in the mean while what is happening to the life that is being questioned? If the seeking is enriching your experience of living in some sort of way then, yeah it worth it all but can u say it is?

Tortoise: point... but one crucial..point with respect to me is that i don’t believe in Karma and siddhanta. I don’t believe in the account book of life which will be reviewed in heaven which is non existent or Hell that is this life ...kidding
Rabbit: yeah i guessed so I said forget it and so took another route.. yeah forget all that i said a lot more things after that ..

Tortoise: All that will be answered by one question and that is what i am seeking
Rabbit: right! To me u know what it seems like?

Tortoise: what?
Rabbit: and this might piss u off!

Tortoise: Nope.. Probably because I know.
Rabbit: But to me it seems more like this is only an excuse. I know you are taking efforts. You obviously read a lot about these things but what about everyday?

Tortoise: hmmm.. wut about everyday...I am living it
Rabbit: no you are not…

Tortoise: in the best possible way i can...
Rabbit: i dont think so! Can u justify the word best ? How positively are you living your life? Or are you just scraping thru it? Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your life? Are you doing things you want to do?

Tortoise: It depends on the point of view and what one seeks… Probably scrapping through it because, right now there isn’t a purpose.
Rabbit: c'mon! So find a purpose! See this is what am talking about. THIS is it! You know earlier when you said u think you might be going round in circles this is it!

Tortoise: I might not be doing all the material things I probably wanted... but I am not doing because
1. Probably I really don’t want it as much that I do something about it.
2. May not possess any practical value to me in terms of what I gain from it.
3. Probably the way I look at things are unexplainable and unfathomable by myself
Eeverything is a hypothesis,....even happiness! You are happy about things because you feel that there is nothing, at the current juncture that could make you unhappy, but may be there is something but you don’t know and you just go by that hypothesis. So u are happy!
Rabbit: okay so tell me this! You say nothing else is more important everything else is material. You seek the eternal…

Tortoise: nope... assuming
Rabbit: okay thats the assumption you are going with so what has been the outcome? How has it helped you answer other questions in life? How has it enriched your life's quest? Has it led you to somewhere, to any realization? I know this is not maths, I know things don’t have formulas, but you have to be able to say something and make a stand you can’t say I don’t know

Tortoise: ok listen... most of what i told you are my thoughts based on my own understanding of my leanings... self taught with inputs from few people. To me this learning is something I covet and am proud of and is an achievement that an average Joe doesn’t possess.. My life’s quest has never been sitting along with red hot chick in coffee bar and making out with her... that is your average Joe. For me people who live their lives by the day, no disrespect to them, their purpose in life is material we are humans and there is nothing wrong in being material but these are things that am not comfortable with. So I do what I am comfortable with and yes it has enriched my life quite a bit! I can to an extent live without most of the material pleasure that I was used to or rather still using
Rabbit: hmmmm..... well youu only have to answer to yourselves. These are really intense things to think about.

Tortoise: yea
Rabbit: But as long as they keep you going

Tortoise: Well lets see
Rabbit: Just don’t go the Nietzsche or Kierkegaard way or Tolstoy for that matter. Sartre on the other hand would be a good role model.

Tortoise: (Laughs hysterically).Ah showing off eh!
Rabbit: No.. not showing off and N,K, and T, all gave up on life. Well N lost his sanity K has a very depressing outlook on life which is shared by T. May be it was inevitable, don’t know, but it didn’t happen to Sartre or Heidegger but he has his cons

Tortoise: Why would you expect that with S? or H?
Rabbit: expect what?

Tortoise: To be on the neagtive coin
Rabbit: When did I say that? I said H had his cons

Tortoise: yea
Rabbit: Coz he supported fascism for sometime

Tortoise: But just because people are in philosophy, doesn’t mean there should be a negative side to their life
Rabbit: I never said that! when did i????

Tortoise: assumption
Rabbit: How????

Tortoise: You said "but it didnt happen to Sartre"
Rabbit: yeah he didn’t go crazy! He didn’t lose his mind

Tortoise: i know...
Rabbit: He kept on going and that is what I respect about him.

Tortoise: So when you made that statement it was like ..."it was supposed to be but didn’t"
Rabbit: well I said that because of the way each of them approached philosophy, the way each of them lived.
Their outlook. That was what I meant and that is probably why the three couldn’t take it. But he could and H too, also Simone de Beauvoir… man! I finally got her name right!

Tortoise: laughs… hmm.. Ok ill ket you go now
Rabbit: You know, when i was at the airport I was bored. So took this book out, my upanishad book
and went to the contents and randomly picked Katha Upanishad to read… read some and in between they announced boarding so put it back in. Today after reading about Heath Ledger I googled where death is mentioned in the Upanishads and all of the searches pointed towards Katha Upanishad! And so am reading it now one more part left. I thought it was weird, the fact that I picked it randomly and was left incomplete and then without my knowledge it was the one that I was mebbe meant to read and so circumstances brought me back.

Tortoise: Probably, may be, you never know
Rabbit: but then again....that contradicts my belief, I don’t want to believe in destiny! weird!

Tortoise: You are contradicting
Rabbit: Right now yeah... I know I don’t like the idea of destiny solely because of the way people use it to cover up their failures and although I know, there is more to it… .... its stuck in my head in the wrong way

Tortoise: now you are coming on track
Rabbit: on track??

Tortoise: about the reasoning of destiny and stuff
Rabbit: I don’t like how destiny is abused by people to explain the way their lives turned out. “What could we do if it is destined?” I hate that attitude!

Tortoise: Hehe poor good ol’ destiny.... bruised n battered in someone else’s war
Rabbit: Also hate it when people confuse religion with spirituality!

Tortoise: hmm yea. I don’t hate those people... rather you know... it’s a way of life which they have been taught to follow
Rabbit: yeah ignorant fools!

Tortoise: Remember the last convo we had on rational thinking
Rabbit: You know, the reason I hate these people is because even if they have been brought up that way
they have a mind of their own! Now they are adults! So why not form your own opinions about matters?

Tortoise: No their mind is not attuned toward thinking in a different way. Reasoning for them is based on the "fact" they have been provided with….
Rabbit: exactly! Dead brain cells maketh fools!

Tortoise: So anything would be less than the truth to them... my assumption
Rabbit: Anyways their ignorance will alwyas keep them from ever knowing anything.

Tortoise: But no point in hating them pity them... probably that’s a better punishment
Rabbit: So i guess it shields them from the actuality… aaannyyways! Them is them! Its their life

Tortoise: It is part of our lives, thinking what we think is right.... probably we are wrong.. can we prove? No! And they prove? No! So its way of live
Rabbit: I cud (Grins madly) I dont really delve into these things that much..

Tortoise: So how can you prove?
Rabbit: I don’t see the point in.. well that will take time too much chatting!

Tortoise: Probably that is what they are saying too.
Rabbit: They arer lazy Bums and I am not. Hey.. Read this thing about the
Nine unknown men (Pointing to the screen of her laptop, a wikipedia page) Did u know abt this?

Tortoise: Reading… I wouldn’t buy the idea anyways.
Rabbit: Buy it! Am going to go check it out! I think it might have existed.

Tortoise: I don’t think so....
Rabbit: You can call it wishful thinking

Tortoise: It is like those Christian cult stories you get to here so often.... yes this is part of a propaganda... looks that way
Rabbit: Propaganda?

Tortoise: yea. “Some versions of the story include an additional motivation for the Emperor to conceal scientific knowledge: remnants of the Rama Empire, an Indian version of Atlantis, which according to Hindu scripture was destroyed by advanced weaponry 15,000 years ago.” This so BJPisque....
Rabbit: Did you know the vedas have a lot of information on some pretty advance weaponology and war tactics? There’s whole science

Tortoise: hmm nope... never delved into it
Rabbit: Each veda is a different science one about war, one about politics and the likes.

Tortoise: I have haeard about that. Man this thing (Refering to the Wikipedia page) is utter bullshit... not even worth wasting time on...
Rabbit: am going to go look into it anyhow!

Tortoise: You can invest time in being materialist than waste time o this
Rabbit: Well I think for now this is more important

Tortoise: Oh yea… feed your brain with more garbage
Rabbit: If nothing I'll have a story at the end seems to me worth my time

Tortoise: hahah I hate this kind of stories....
Rabbit: It is meant for select audiences only

Tortoise: yea... your kind I guess
Rabbit: Another one of my not-asked-for opinions, I don’t really like listening to the Kanchi Paramacharyas..

Tortoise: Then don’t... I guess even i don’t... actually haven’t ever listened to him
Rabbit: i have and you missed nothing. There’s only this one person I really respect. There was this one scholar who came to the temple and he spoke about the gita but he didn’t preach it

Tortoise: ah
Rabbit: He explained it as analogies

Tortoise: That’s the best way... but for something it isn’t the rite way
Rabbit: he asked us to look at it as a metaphor to real life! And it worked for me.

Tortoise: hmm
Rabbit: Someday I need to get myself to read it I think I should learn Sanskrit!

Tortoise: I need to meet her
Rabbit: Her?

Tortoise: Geeta (Grins) No I wouldn’t put her on the shelf
Rabbit: she’s lived next door to you all this while and you don’t know who she is!

Tortoise: I said i need to meet her... i didn’t say i didn’t know her
Rabbit: All this quest seeking biz seems to have made u very anti social sad Mr. Tortoise! Know thy neightbour before u know thyself

Tortoise: I would definitely... as long as it’s the shiny chick
Rabbit: shiny and chick. Two words I have never heard used together in the same sentence

Tortoise: shiny is the name I guess
Rabbit: Like that!

Tortoise: That’s me... making the impossible possible
Rabbit: So its not an adjective but a noun in this case… good good!

Tortoise: depends on PoV
Rabbit: You go the way of the atmaan!

Tortoise: atman?
Rabbit: yeah making the impossible possible

Tortoise: heheh anyways ... I have to move now... and you go to bed it is almost 3 O’ Clock now!
Rabbit: I shall give it deep thought!

Tortoise: Good Night!
Rabbit: Good Night!