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Unfinished Piece

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1001 It was well into spring and the sun shone in its splendorous best. I filled my chest with a breath of the cold morning air, looked towards the sun and closed my eyes; presenting a brilliant crimson screen displaying psychedelic patterns to the rhythm of the violins and a piano that played in my ears.

I sat there on my knees, holding my breath for a moment, letting the air cleanse my soul that sought absolution. I thought about life. I didn’t think about death, after all it was inevitable. 

1003 I looked at life everywhere. And life looked the same everywhere. There was pain and anguish everywhere. Always! Everyone bent their back carrying burden on them, men, women, children, trying to find the way, trying to find their destination. Everyone traveled the same path, in their babelesque journey, only worried about the burden on their back.

Life is a strange being. It lets you see the magnificent vistas, it lets you see joy and happiness, it lets you see the amazing thing that this world is, yet it ensures you are blind.

To be completed at some point in time..


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