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Why the Blackmail Mr.Pranab Mukherjee?

By FreaKo

Now that the Left has announced that it would formally withdraw support to the UPA Government, the Congress (I) has come out strongly against the Left by issuing statements throughout the afternoon as well as putting up a brave face as the stubborn and embarrassed Prime Minister was in Japan attending the G8 meeting, with probably an hidden agenda to negotiate the deal further with Mr.George Bush.

A statement made by the External Affairs Minister Mr.Pranab Mukherjee, has ridiculed the common sense of the people of the country, by responding to a charge by the Left that the government was hiding key facts from the people of the country. According to reports from prominent media groups, Mr. Mukherjee said that that the full text of the India Specific Safeguards agreement could not be shared as it was a "Privileged" and "Confidential" document between the Indian Government and the IAEA. He added that the document could be shared with third parties only after going through procedures laid down by the IAEA. He also mentioned that those who want access to the details of the document would have to join the government.

There were three remarks in the minister's statement that insulted the intellect of the Indian janata.

1) That the text of the India Specific Safeguards documents is privileged and confidential: I agree that the document is confidential, but does that mean that it is confidential to the people of the country and the parliament, especially when the government has been very secretive about the document and the deal that could potentially affect the people? I would like to know what is so secretive in the deal that it cannot even be uttered and what will happen if the world comes to know about it. If it is National Interest, then the obstinate prime minister should come out with the truth in the interest of the nation.

2) That the document can be shared after going through IAEA dictated procedures: Since when have we become subservient to the IAEA and the United States? What made Manmohan Singh to shamelessly agree to the dikats of the IAEA with regards to sharing the details with the people and parliament of his country? The Prime Minister and his External Affairs Minister should have ensured that any agreement is beneficial to the country and in our own terms than to be submissive.

3. That those who want to have the access to the text need to join the government: Mr.Mukherjee that is pure black mail and unlawful in this country of ours! But who cares right? When the government of the largest "democracy" does not care about the parliamentary form of governance with a Prime Minister who has scant regard to democracy (that he goes after the loopholes in the constitution to become the Prime Minister), become blind and act like a dictator, then black mailing the janataa is no big deal I guess. Mr. Nukherjee, I do not want join the government, but I want to know why the government is hiding the details of the agreement.

So when the minister and the prime minister act in a dictatorial way what can we expect from the government?

Lord save this country!

You can read the news report here


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