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The Great Masquerade!

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The voice tried to reassure me! The voice was calm and soft and said, "Shalom!"
“What?” I asked.

I looked up into the sun burning like there was no tomorrow! All it did was burn, burn and burn. It seemed that it was frustrated at something and an imperceptible pain seemed to fuel its anger. I stared at the sun. The voice was still ringing in the deep realms of my thoughts. Shalom! The word was echoing! Shalom! Reassuring, the voice was crystal! And I looked at the sun burning!

The blinding flame hurt, like a thousand needles pricking the eyes. The eyes watered immediately and I thought my eyes were bleeding. Yet my eyes didn’t flinch a bit. The pain started to ease, but the eyes kept watering and soon the world around me started to fade into an obscure darkness. And the world within, faintly, began becoming visible!

And in the painful and brilliant display of light I saw the truth. A truth so profound and horrifying, that it had to be shielded from the prying eyes of the inquisitive. And the sun burned, and burned itself, as though it knew what the truth was, as though trying to keep a secret of a million thousand years by burning itself out. Until one day when it runs out of its energy and getting tired it burns itself out! Leaving nothing but charred remains of an life that contended itself in keeping the truth out of reach cause it knew the truth and the deceptive world that we embraced.

I blinked. I couldn’t take it any longer. I didn’t know how long I stared at the sun. But I knew it was long enough to understand the truth. And I looked around and I saw people. People were everywhere I looked. And the numbers just kept swelling up. Oblivious to the fact! And I though! What would happen when they know the truth?

”Shalom!” I replied to the voice! “Shalom”, I lied. The devil knew that I knew the truth and since then I never heard her soft reassuring voice. I looked at the people with my burning eyes and wondered, “When shall I tell the truth?”

“Shalom!” I laughed!


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