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Where in the Rainbow is My Soul?

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Just like in all of grandma’s tales this story also starts long time back. Spring was in the air and I was not realizing that as I was indulging in my weekend-hangover-morning-slumber. I was woken up from my indulgence by the sharp ringing of the phone. I hated these ringtones and in those days no decent phone came with the regular beep tone. One of my friends was on the other end as I managed to blurt out a ‘hello’ in the liveliest manner possible. She asked me, “What is the colour of soul?” It was not words that I was conjuring up, but a pattern of colours danced across my eyes, there were bright yellows adjacent to shiny green and orange. There were shades of blue and violets and reds.

“What is the colour of the soul?” she repeated, just to ensure that I heard it correctly and that is when I actually woke up into the subtle realities of this world. I had to think quickly here. I needed to find a colour for the soul! I thought black. But black was too dark for a colour for the soul and if it is not black it should be white. But white represented purity and that would be exaggerating the virtues of the soul. I didn’t know what to answer as I gathered my wits and asked her what gives? This was me. I had to have an answer to all the questions put across to me. No matter how stupid the question is, I would try to get a stupid answer to it with an equally stupid logic, in effect, pushing my stupidity quotient a notch higher.

She said she was painting a picture where the soul needed to have a colour. Thoughts flashed through my head at a pace faster than lightning, trying to figure out the logic for each colour that I thought of to be the colour for soul, blue, green, red, yellow, black, blue again, white, black again, but none of my choices had a logic attached to it. Pretty much like the question that was put across to me and pretty much like the urge in me to answer any question. And pretty much like the soul itself. Logicless!

The soul is your body, your thought, everything that maketh you You! Without ‘you’ only the ideas and thoughts remain. – Tortoise

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