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Enough is Enough!

By FreaKo

OK! So far I have kept quiet on this entire episode that happened and I am sure that this one is going to stretch enough to give Saans Bahu a run for its money.  By saying “kept quiet”, I meant that I really haven’t voiced my opinion anywhere, even in the circle of people whom I meet every day or with my dad and brother, or even while being in the midst of people who were discussing this incident and voicing their expert opinions on how India should ape Uncle Sam and try obliterate the neighbor off the face of this planet we call “Home”. I am not going to spend time writing obituaries for the victims and praising the branded heroes of this deadly reality show for which there is no end, unless there is an administration which has the steel balls to accept the facts and extend atleast an Olive twig.

The news of the carnage never surprised me. Such attacks were always imminent as long as there was animosity between communities and as long as we have misplaced our economic priorities. And these socio-economic factors that stemmed into geo-political confrontation, was showcased to the world in the form of prime-time terrorism branded by the date. This has also given us the unique distinction of, perhaps, the only third world country which can unabashedly ape the west to cash in on the support for any sort of human-induced-human-tragedies.

Are terrorists born? Better question would be who is a terrorist? Is one man’s struggle is another’s terror? Why is it that a person is singled out at the airport security just because they have tonsured their head and wears a goatee? Why is it that one is questioned at the airport or any other place because of their name is an Abdul or Rahim? Why is that people make it a point to mention that one is a Moslem, but no one mentions if a person is a Christian or a Hindu? Why is that when a Moslem commits a crime, they are questioned as though they committed treason while others are just questioned?

The question is not whether what happened is right or wrong. It is sad and unquestionably wrong. The question is why is it happening and what have we done for this to happen. The obnoxious media in the names of NDTV or CNN-IBN or Times Now, all of whom gloat at playing a part in bringing justice to the death of a bar-girl, fall short of analyzing this. The Aranb Goswamys, the Rajdeep Sardesias, the Barkha Dutts and the Zakka Jacobs find themselves stuck in a purposeful memory coop and drum up jingoistic adaptations of hearsays as news. Whom are we doing any good? Is the Moslem bashing going to bring us any good, apart from fueling further attacks on our soil, which in turn helps the Aranb Goswamys, the Rajdeep Sardesias, the Barkha Dutts and the Zakka Jacobs in belting up further rhetoric and increasing their TRPs.

Where is the compassion?

Or is that a word that is to be pressed between the cold pages of the old dictionary laying the corner of the cupboard for rest of eternity?
The more we sideline a community through obfuscation of facts and demoralizing them through mental and physical torture the more they lose their patience. And when one finds their back on the wall, there is only one way to go. All we have to do is go back into the history of our country for about a century? What happened then was exactly what is happening now. When we realized that we were a oppressed lot, we said “enough is enough” and fought for our independence.

And what is it about the luxury Hotels being the epicenter of attention to blood? Wasn't any blood spilt on the streets and on the crowded railway station. How much did we here about that? Oh! Those were the blood of the commoners.

So when NDTV came out with the title, “enough is enough”, I thought, probably that’s what the killers though too! And thats exactly what I am thinking and everyone else. But probably for different reasons.

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2 comments so far.

  1. rampantheart January 8, 2009 at 9:54 AM
    While I can't say all Muslims belong to the terrorist category, some are and that I am afraid, is the universal truth. The terrorist activities in the case of Muslims can be traced back to the Kings who destroyed India. What did AUrangazeb and other kings do? They had slain their brothers, fathers and their own kin in the process of becoming kings. They, in the name of Holy War or Jihad are ruining peace in the world!
  2. FreaKo January 9, 2009 at 5:36 AM
    @ Rampantheart and all:

    This is an extremely myopic view towards a particular community and the whole situation. The dogma of persecuting the ills of the world to a particular community is only going to worsen this further. We talk about the Moslem invaders of the past setting the precedent. However, if we have to go by history then we should have a bloodier world. The Kalinga war is considered to be the bloodiest of all in the history of India and it was much before the invasion by the Muguls, between Ashoka and the Mauryan Empire. This war left over a 100,000 civilians of Kalinga dead apart from over 10,000 soldiers of Ashoka. And what was all this blood for? Ownership of land and this was around 261 BC. (To put this war in perspective, it is said that by the end of the war, the river Daya, which ran by the battle field, turned red with the blood spilt in the war).

    Much closer in History, the Indians revolted against the British rulers for our Independence. So taking cue from the current ‘operative’ definition of the word “Terrorism”, the Indian freedom fighters were nothing but terrorists for the British Empire. Further closer and still being pursued is the treatment of Dalits in India. Even today, this community is still being persecuted for being what they are, over which they had no choice. The treatment of the Moslems is not any better either. Adolf Hitler went on with the ethnic cleansing the Jews. Enraged by this, the west attacked and defeated Hitler and resettled these Jews, into the Arab heart land. The Jews in turn, turned prosperous, with the help of the Christian west, and started suppressing the people of the Arab land on which they were living. At this point in time the West and Israel, consider any Arab or a Moslem as a terrorist, but all the people of Palestine is doing is fighting for their land. As I said, when one’s back is on the wall, there is only one way one can go.

    Across the globe, right now, there is only one set of people who are being persecuted to inhuman treatment and this community has all the right to fight back to gain its rights. Though I despise their modus-operandi, I equally despise the way they are being treated in the first place. Just because one believes in a different god than yours, does not mean that he needs to be pulled out from the line at the airport and stripped naked to check if he is carrying any WMDs. How would a community react when the army of a country, picks up innocent civilians from the community, take them to remote mountain and shoot them in cold blood, all for the sake of a medal and promotion? I am talking about the Indian Army.

    Before we point a finger, think as to why they hate us? It is because we hate them more than we love ourselves. Learn to love a human being and not hate their religion.

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