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The Prodigal Son

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Not so long ago, there was a country cozily tucked away between the deep seas and the big mountains. In this country there was a not so typical home where lived artisans, farmers, business men, thieves, criminals of all kind, the rich, the super rich, the billionaires, the poor, the beggars, the lepers, the orphans and many unknown people, as one little family. This was a strange family. No one trusted anyone and everyone had to pay for their daily ration of food and water. Whatever they wanted, the father of the house would provide it, but only if someone paid for the services. Now anyone in the family could earn the money however they wanted. The could work outside the house and earn money or they could work for the family and earn money.

To the neighbors this family was a role model as they envied the fact that how lavishly they were living. Indeed there was lot of money flowing into this little not-so-long-ago unknown family. Everything was hunky-dory in this little house as some of the people had work and the father used take notice, albeit, occasionally, of the the needy who had no job. This was till the father gave all the little money the family had to an old little boy and told, "Son, the family's wealth is in your hands, spend it carefully." The prodigal son of the family knew that this wasn't much money to buy lollipops for him. So he thought, how he could get more money to buy more lollipops so that he can share it with all of his friends. He told his daddy that he does not have enough money to treat his friends and daddy replied, "Sonny, you have all the money we had, now it is upto you to find out a way to double it." The little boy very well knew that the money will not double on its own, that the concept metamorphosis was not applicable to money. He kept thinking and thinking. All night and all day!

One day he ventures out of the house and sitting by the great big mountains he realized that he would have to sell something to make more money. He told daddy dear about his plan and daddy dear did not approve it. So all through the night he bugged daddy dear and by day break an agreement was reached. In the morning, he took all the gold of the family and pawned it. This was when the family saw so much money. Ofcourse, for the little kids in the cradle, it did not matter at all. Soon everyone clamored for their share.

Every able bodied soul of the house got addicted to the dirty stench of money and they started doing little business to get more money. The prodigal boy wanted more money so he sold the kitchen of the house to someone. Now everyone in the family had to pay the owner of the kitchen to get food and it was expensive. But for those little babies who could not work, let alone they could not even speak, went hungry most of the days as everyone was busy trying to make money and took no notice of them.

Not very later, the father died and the uncle took over the functioning of the house. Nothing changed though except for the ruler of the house. Soon an uprising happened and several uncles and aunties joined together and ousted the ruling uncle. Now they told the mother of the house to rule the house but the mother refused because of the opposition from several other people in the family. One fine day, like the voice of god, the mother thundered down to the people of the family, "Let the Prodigal Son lead you!"

The prodigal son took over the reins of the family. Now there was problem within the house. There wasn't enough food in the family and the prodigal son decided that he would give the money he made by selling everything in the house to a notorious landlord who lived far away in the corner of the country to get lollipops for everyone in the family. Soon there was this opposition to this proposal, the prodigal son claimed that this was vital for the health security of the family, smooth and delicious lollipops for everyone. The elders of the house who had supported him tried to beat sense into his thick and empty skull covered, in a length of coarse cotton, that lollipops are not what they need at the moment but food for all and milk for the little babies who cannot speak.

Coarse cotton head says that food and milk are are perishables and we need to have alternatives like expensive lollipops. Cotton head though that this was a chance to get the family as a friend with the notorious landlord who supplied the lollipops and also will let the family know how to make these. The elders protested! And the prodigal son cried out loud..
"Mummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!!! These uncles are not letting me rule the house.... waaaaaaah ahhhhhhhaaaaa! I am gonna quit if you don't let me buy lollipops from uncle Shrubs!!! "

What did mummy do? Did Cotton head get to buy the lollipops? I don't know what happened next, but I hope the babies in the house are taken care of! And the nincompoop of a son is asked to keep quiet and work for the welfare of the house than drooling looking at uncle Shrubs' house! -Amen!


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