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The Office Memo

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A funny post on the usage of language brought back memories of an office memo which, then, had made me roll on the dirty carpet of the office, in laughter.
Rampanheart’s post Save English, shows the ways in which people try to show off their newly learned vocabulary by using it in every conversation they have, irrespective of the fact that they do not know when, where and how to use these. Coming back to my story, it was about 5 years ago. The organization was pretty new and it was still in the process of getting its entire infrastructure in place, however they had started their operations. As all of us were new to the organization, right from top to bottom, the lady handling the HR department issued a circular that each one of us had to sign. The circular was borne out of the need for a disciplined work force which respected the ethics of the organizations and represented the organization’s professionalism in every aspect right from the kind of cloths the workforce wore. In short, probably the management didn’t take it too lightly to the fact that they were paying for people who strolled through their premises in torn and gunshot jeans or noodle strap spaghettis and stilettos.

So as I sat at my desk and burning up the calories pretending to work, which is the actual work I do, I heard a giggle at one end of the room! Girls and their silly jokes, I thought! A few seconds later the same giggle but in a different voice! Nothing can bother me while I am pretending and I let it go thinking it might be some stupid girl joke that they always seem to have in their conversations. A few minutes later, a register like book is thrust in front of my face and HR executive who did this act told me to sign on the circular. Remember, these were the days when e-mails were not common and only the privileged few owned an account, an e-mail account that is!

I read the memo and was stunned for a moment and wondered if I am in heaven and for once I was in concurrence with the policies of human resource, laughing my behinds out I signed on then memo. It read:

Men: On weekdays you should be wearing formals and on Saturdays, casuals
wear is allowed.
Women: On weekdays you should be dressed moderately and on
Saturdays, casuals wear is allowed.

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  1. rampantheart June 17, 2008 at 7:30 PM

    ANd hey, the floor is not dirty!lol:)

    Guess i am not the only person who's immune to all this!There are many out there who are bearing the the similar pain!ha ha!

    Anyway, thanks a lot for spreading the word!See ya around!
  2. Green Alien June 17, 2008 at 10:06 PM
    @rampantheart: Thanks for droping by n keep visiting!

    My comments on your latest post are in there ;)

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