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'Dad, how do you crash a car at 30 miles an hour?

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He laughed as he asked the question. If that was a question for which he didn’t know the answer, he was most certainly kidding for Lewis Hamilton, on Sunday, demonstrated how to plough down a certain stationary red car within the pit lane speed limits at the F1 Grand Prix of Canada, otherwise, what may have been a chance for Kimi Riakkonen to win the race and reestablish the lead for the championship, which eventually was won by the future champion, Robert Kubica.

It is high time, Hamilton got out of the hype and started concentrating more on his racing and techniques while checking his on-track temperament, especially when he is chasing. Time and again Hamilton has been a victim of living in a hyperbole, mostly created by the media and Ron Dennis, who we can say has been like a parent to a child and excusing the erring child, even when it seemed Hamilton has been making the obvious mistakes that one shouldn’t be making after over 10 years of training. Last year, it cost him the championship when he bungled up in China and Brazil by running the car more than it could take and also messing up the gear change in last race of the season. (Read my take on the previous season:
Anything You Can Do I can Do Better...).

Hamilton, on his part has been anything but apologetic. Even after the pit lane incident he believed that he certainly had a chance to win the race since he had a six second lead over Kubica. However, Hammie does not seem to realize that while he had a long pit stop, both Raikonnen and Kubica had already set themselves at the exit of the pit lane for the green light. Probably that’s the reason why Hamilton took of like crazy, not even bothering to check the pit lane exit lights. What was more intriguing was his comments to questions from the media. “I saw the red light and stopped, but, by the time I stopped, it was too late.” This is something that every traffic cop would have heard many times across the world, as a viewer on
Times online put it. "It’s a shame I ruined Kimi’s race, but that sort of thing happens. Until then I was so quick I was just breezing it.” Breezing it? Lewis! Were you sleeping while in the pit lane? I guess he didn’t notice that both Kimi and Kubica were ahead of him and there was no way he was going to catch up with them as he had a heavier fuel load than the two of them.

Sometimes, I feel that Hamilton is more interested in the glitz of Formula 1 than in racing and if it is so, I wonder how long Mclaren are going to keep him. And as
Rahul put it in his e-mail, “Well, now both dad and son can sit together and laugh...”

A note on the title for this post: Before the race in an interview with Lewis Hamilton – Reuters -Sunday's incident also completed a bad week for the Hamilton family - Lewis's father Anthony crashed a borrowed Porsche in England and the F1 driver had even joked about the incident on television before the race.
"I've just been laughing. It's bad of me, I shouldn't but I said 'Dad, how do you crash a car at 30 miles an hour?"

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  1. MAN IN PAINTING June 11, 2008 at 5:43 PM
    Competition makes man from what to what?
    Nice post
    me too blog.
    do visit.
  2. Green Alien June 11, 2008 at 6:03 PM
    It is not just the competition alone! When one starts to believe what one hears, he stops to rationalize and follows the voices like a zombie.

    Now can we say to our children that media is a bad influence?

    Thanks for visiting and do come back! :)
  3. ReadnRyte June 12, 2008 at 1:40 AM
    Dear old Ham cannot stop. Commenting on the Montreal GP, "With the car we have right now, there is no stopping us. The fact is, we destroyed everyone."

    In less than a week the Hamilton's destroyed a Porsche, a ferari and a McLaren...yup, he's rite about that, at least.

  4. Sudar June 13, 2008 at 10:38 AM
    nice post man..

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