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Things I Do

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Here is a partial list of things I do most in a day!

Eat, eat and eat?
Nope I am on a diet… only because; no one is willing to give me a company to the cafeteria within five minutes of returning from there!

Yes I do that plenty of time, that keeps me busy while at work, pretending to be busy creating the groundbreaking, Organizational Operational Procedures & Systems, which I lovingly call OOPS! I guess everyone has got a wind of it. Everyone seems to say OOPS when I am spotted and walks the other way, probably thinking that I may ask from where they got to know about it.

Switching channels?
This is my favorite weekend game! I can switch channels faster than Superman can wear his underwear! I have switched 42 channels in 60 seconds and I am bloody consistent at that, not like the Indian Cricket Team! Beat that!

Hehe I was only kidding :P

I keep hitting the F9 on Outlook so that all the latest mails are downloaded. I have hit the key so many times in the past many years that it does not work now. I called up help desk and told them that I am not receiving any mails and they said that’s probably because no one was sending me any! So I created a filter where it forwards any mail sent by me and to me, to me. Now I have a mail coming in every second! (I would love to see the look on the System Admin’s face when he finds out that his servers are being bombarded by his own servers :D)

Now you must be getting an idea of how jobless a blogger can be?

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