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Today, I chanced upon three different blogs by three different people on three different topics. Yet they seemed to have a certain bond, a certain and minute reference to destiny.

Rahul’s medium(by far the most direct reference to destiny) was a discussion about ‘Kieslowski’s the Three Colours, Red (The third part of the trilogy, Three Colours, Blue, White and Red), Evita argues about how people end up doing things other than what they could have done, and MysticSaint used spirituality to convey his thoughts. Although, all the three posts were discussions on different topics, Movies, career and spirituality, all the tree posts had a certain characteristics in them which related to destiny.

Three Colours Red, uses certain fictional cues to tell the audience that everything happening around us is for a reason and each of these incidents are a cue to our destiny. As per the movie, according to Rahul, life is after all not random and mere chance but predestined. It tells us how Auguste’s life is just a mirror of the Judge’s past!

Let’s take a look at Evita’s story here now. I am not going into the virtues of the system that is being questioned by Evita rather I would like to use this story to elaborate on the relationship, or lack of it, between chance and destiny. Evita’s subjects, mostly and almost always ends up doing something else than what they are cut out to do. Probably she is blaming the prevailing socio-economic conditions or perhaps the destiny of her subjects was already written.

MysticSaint tells us a story of love and compassion and we need to look at the destiny of the crippled birdling. The bird was let to die without wings and without legs, however, the wasp showing us what love is all about, was feeding the hungry chick so that it lives. Perchance, the bird was destined to live.

But what is destiny? Is it just an indicator of what your life is or is it just an excuse? People have a tendency to ordain their success or failure to destiny and yet there is a class of people who would not give a destiny a chance and fight it out till they succeed.

Destiny is the end of the path that one paves for everyone. The moment on starts thinking of one’s self, he has given failure a chance to conquer him and everyone. When one disregards the other, one has disregarded himself and everyone.

Tat-Twam-Asi, Thou Art That!

The moment you disregard your fellow being, you are disregarding your selves because according to Tat-Twam-Asi, you are that and you are discarding yourselves.

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