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News Today

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Savor this, the headlines on Times Now for their 11:00 AM news show:

A news caster shouts into the microphone with music in the background as she announces the headlines. The first one is about Jaipur taking on Delhi in the first semifinal in the Indian Premier League. [That is the biggest thing happening in India today? What a bland place has it become!] More music in the background. She shouts again informing about something that happened in the Nitish Katara Murder Case [Thanks to the criminal tendencies of Indians, there is fodder for the media] And the music still continues. Another scream into the microphone informing rise in petrol prices tomorrow, though not authenticated news. [Wow! Rumours are news these days!] The crass music is still playing in the background. The newscaster is still testing her vocal strength when she tells us yet aging today that there are inconsistencies in the Arushi Murder case [Inconsistencies in reporting that is] and the music is building up to a climax as she shouts for one last time about Musharraf s not stepping down. [OK that is fine] and the build up music dies as the video shows Arnab's pet screaming beauty who has more make up than news in her.

That was too much for me and I decide to get ready for Work. I do not want to rape my medulla oblongata anymore!

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