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Opinion on: Microsoft Solves the Google Problem

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The above article is written by Joe Wilcox, a self proclaimed Journalist more popular for his constant rant against Microsoft. (You can read it here)

Fact 1: Google is the leader in the online search Market.
Fact 2: Apple is the champion of lifestyle gadgets and lifestyle computing.
Fact 3: Microsoft is the undisputed king that rules the desktop computing environment.

All said and done, I don't understand why Joople (Joe, The Apple Fanboys and Google Fanboys) should be ranting about Microsoft? They talk about how the next generation gadgets and Web 2.0 and Cloud computing, all ruled by Google and Apple would give a knock out punch for Microsoft. One thing the Jooples need to understand is that no matter how many new technologies arrive, it is all useless unless the masses use it. The masses that use the plain vanilla computers. What the Jooples don't understand is that Google's and Apple's expertise is not in vanilla desktops and that's where the masses are. For Apple, not in the near future would it be able to gather significant market share in desktops, to create a market where people would think beyond Windows. If Apple thinks that their aim is to topple Windows, then I guess, they should rethink on making the Macs more user-friendly for the vanilla users and more importantly AFFORDABLE.

Google will thrive on Microsoft's success on the desktop front and should know that Apple and others will not be the best to help them to rule their domain. The point is, inspite of all the hue and cry over anything and everything happening in information technology signaling the doom for Microsoft, the reach and ease of availability of Microsoft desktop software, not to mention the ease of use and worldwide acceptability of it's formats across all industries and class of people making it the defacto standard, infact is only going to strengthen the MS arsenal as most of the applications, developed at consumer level, are designed to integrate with consumer level Microsoft programs, which in turn means that business' will have to ensure that their systems are integrated to the mass.

It is just a wishful thinking developments in IT would sound as a death knell for Microsoft.

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