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UPDATE 1: Phantom of the Blogosphere (ബ്ലോഗോളിതില്ലേ പ്രേധം)

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Before you read further, I seriously suggest that you read the previous post. Not that it is going to enrich your intelligence anymore than an hour of viewing WWE wrestling, but it would give you a perspective of this post.

The phantom has not yet been reined. It is still roaming around the Kerala Bloggers community unseen and mostly unknown wrecking havoc on postings by members, especially anything related to one particular member. Strange things are happening, posts getting deleted, people leave comments on the blog and that gets deleted, either I am too popular or this internet is haunted!

Here is the sequence of events for today:

A little help before your proceed
Post = Posts on the Orkut community
Comments = Comments left on the blog

1. I Post and it gets deleted.
2. I post again and it gets deleted.
3. I get in touch with
owner of the community and he says that he is the only moderator of the community and he has not yet seen my post and requests me to check with Orkut on the disappearing act performed by certain posts (Mohanlal would love this trick, I guess)
Amooma replies to my post
5. My post is deleted
6. I inform the
owner again of the new incident and he tells me that he too had seen the post but not anymore. We decide to check our account passwords
7. I post again, replying to
Amooma’s post. (At this point I thought everything was over)
8. Now all the posts after 143 are missing! the Albert Einstein in me thinks of a possible black hole on the internet (A possibility of it getting named after meeeee :P)
9. I shoot out mails to Orkut and Google to see if they can unearth anything from their logs.
10. I post again, this time I give a full 5 points, just to see if anything happens.
11. I get a comment from an unknown
kuhorj who says,
Comment:“yesterday when i visited the page on orkut ur score and some comments about that site was also there....i think the comment was like "it is not a blog...."
Kuhorj, deletes his comments immediately and I am not sure why? (Ahem!). This was at 9:19 PM IST
13. Now as I check,
Kuhorj has posted his comments again. [9:39 PM]
Comment: [yesterday when i visited the orkut forum i found ur comments and ur score for that person. i even noticed it and u commented something like....its not a blog....]
14. At this point Sony has replied to the post.

Fingers crossed :)

5 comments so far.

  1. kuhorj May 24, 2008 at 9:31 PM
    hi i'm sony the one who rated your blog in orkut.i'm the man who wrote comments in the name of kuhorj(as this is my id). i deleted the first comment bcoz i was not sure whether i saw this rating of yours against kalari in that community itself or not
  2. kuhorj May 24, 2008 at 9:34 PM
    i forgot to add my blog in the comment www.techenthusiasm.blogspot.com

    ya i replied with my blog in orkut community but some one deleted that also
  3. Amooma May 25, 2008 at 12:06 PM
    i think everything disappeared yet again/
  4. Nikhil N R May 26, 2008 at 1:45 PM
    @ SONY: Thanks for the clarification and the link to your blog men! But you know what? I watch Times now, Headlines Today and CNNIBN a lot (Talk about choices)hence the sense of sensationalizing ;)
  5. Nikhil N R May 26, 2008 at 1:51 PM
    @ ALL: Yeah I have noticed that a lot of postings have disappeared durining the weekend. However, I the owner has made certain changes in the credentilas for Account Administartion and so I hope that should take care of it.... Let's go and test it now :)

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