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F1 GP 2009

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Two weeks into the 2009 edition of the FIA’s F1 GP, one wonders where the excitement is! If Melbourne was a dampener, Sepang was a farce.

After the second race (if we could call it that) one might wonder why any one with a very basic level of celibacy would opt for a 5:00 PM local time start at Sepang. The sport’s governing body had opted for a late start to accommodate European TV audience, however, they never took into consideration of the fact that it gets quite dark early in these parts of the world with possibilities of thunder storms in the late afternoon. There were too many variables to work out to get a twilight race and on Sunday all of these came into play. Thunderstorms and fading light does not mix well with an F1 race and everyone who follows the race knows that, sans the FIA.

To add to this controversy, the FIA has yet to come out with clear guidelines on the use of rear defusers, which help the cars with their aerodynamics. Virtually, we are seeing two separate races, the ones with the defusers and the teams without these.

With so much talk on reducing costs, the FIA has not been able to come out with suitable suggestions. In the bargain, the losers are not the F1 teams or the administration, but the fans that spend exorbitant rates even during the crisis time in the economy. With so much tinkering of the rules and regulations of the sport, I wonder how long the FIA would be able to sustain the interests of the fans.

All said, one of the most atrocious pit decisions was to set up Kimi on wet weather tyres even before it started raining. The flying Fin could be heard fuming over the radio while losing 20 seconds a lap.

Let there be sense!


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  1. ReadnRyte May 18, 2009 at 3:26 PM
    I don't know about fans worldwide...but with all the goings on...this season has not failed to enthuse me and I seem to have lost that passion for F1...what with multiple races happening on the track at the same time...cars with and without different kinds of rear diffusers, cars with n without KERS, cars with modified rear diffusers but with no KERS and the permutation and combinations goes on. FIA needs some direction at teh top man...
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