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What is sane?

Category: By FreaKo
“Do you know her?”
“Yeah! She was on the TV last night, and the week before!” Yawns. “She is considered to be an intellectual… hotshot…. hotbitch…..”
“By whom?”
“By her fellow TV men… and women I suppose….the ‘you-scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours’ kind.”
“I know, women can be full of shit in their skulls!”
“I wouldn’t know about that, but if she is any specimen to go by, then, I might just agree with you mate!”
“I can’t believe, people would go to such lengths to just to prove anything!”
“Wrong! It’s the money!”
“What money!”
“Money that gives you power!”
“And I thought power gave you money?”
“Oh! It’s a vicious combination dickhead! Don’t ask me to explain that!”
“Just tell me that you are not sure of what you just said bastard!”
“For fuck’s sake?”
“Yeah… for fuck’s sake!”
“So you mean to say that, that woman in red yapping away on the TV, is more interested in the power than the money she earns?”
“You told that!”
“I said money!”
“You also mentioned about some fucking vicious combination that was too fucking complex to be explained!”
“Just look at it? Does she really mean what she is saying? The upliftment of the poor the women and the children? I bet the cunt cares a fuck about what she is saying. At the end of all this, for all we know, she might just be partying in her apartment till dawn, being congratulated on her for pulling off something very profound!”
“Why do you let this crap get you?”
“Look around you! Is this what you call reality? The world is up shit creek and all you tell me is that this is the only hope we have? Societal Evangelism courtesy 24 hour news! If this is real, and if this is sanity, I would rather have a loose screw in my head!

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